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Get 2018 Off To A Slightly Stoopid But Very Delicious Start

Liberty Kitchen isn't playing around with this burger.

By Joanna O'Leary December 31, 2017


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This burger is huge, and it works.

Here's a non-alternative fact: in 2018, you can eat salad 364 days in a row and make good on that New Year's resolution to improve your diet. Here's another non-alternative fact: in 2018, you have one day and one day only (TODAY) to try possibly the most outlandish, delicious burger in H-town.

Created by Liberty Kitchen's culinary director Lance Fegen, the Slightly Stoopid Burger ($39.18—worth it, you'll see) is ironically a work of genius in terms of gustatory balance and composition. A pillow-soft onion-poppy bun serves as the carbohydrate buttress for a towering strata of proteins, sauces and garnishes, all of which offer different tasting notes that together give rise to a harmonious burst of flavor in every mouthful. The heart of the sandwich is the burger proper, a juicy prime rib and brisket patty that boasts terrific bovine fattiness. Above and below this unctuous centerpiece are layers of sweet chicken fried sugar cured bacon, American cheese, rich, tangy pimento cheese dip, BRC’s burger sauce, mustard pickle jalapeño sizzle, onion, lettuce, avocado oil marinated tomato and, for good measure, a deviled egg.

There's more.

Because naturally you may want something to snack on in between bites, the burger comes with Kona town pork belly, chicken fried spam and lobster tempura gravy fries. (Liberty Kitchen calls the aforementioned “sides,” but to me that's like referring to Frasier as “that Cheers spin-off.”) Finally, you can wash it all down with a 6 ounce Lush Lunch Infamous Brewing draft pull.

Remember, the Slightly Stoopid Burger is yours for the feasting at all Liberty Kitchen locations, but only today.

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