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Reminder: Buy Your New Year's Liquor Before Sunday

Don't forget: Texas liquor stores are closed on Sundays.

By Cory Garcia December 29, 2017

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Come Sunday you won't be able to grab something off a liquor store shelf.

The fact that Texas liquor stores are not open on Sundays will never not be weird. It's one of those little things that blows the minds out of most folks that move to the Lone Star State. How can a state so business-friendly be so weird about alcohol sales? 

I have no good answer for you friends, but I do know that if hosting a New Year's Eve party this weekend you better make sure you've got your liquor situation worked out before Sunday. Don't be that party host who realizes Sunday afternoon their liquor cabinet isn't ready to party. Your friends will talk behind your back, while drinking what little you have to offer, naturally. 

In fact, liquor stores won't be open on Monday either, so you were planning on mimosas or screwdrivers at home while bingeing the new season of Black Mirror, you're going to need to plan ahead for that too. New Year's Day is one of three holidays that liquor stores are closed by law, because apparently the TABC thinks it's real funny to restrict liquor sales on the three days we need said liquor the most. 

While we're talking about things to keep in mind this weekend, there are a couple of other things to remember. The first is that's going to be cold on New Year's Eve and extra cold on New Year's Day. Like "the low will be below freezing at night" cold. Don't party so hard you forget to look after your pets, pipes and plants. The other thing is, as always, make sure you get home responsibility. Look into your free taxi options. Splurge for that Uber. Don't be obnoxious to your driver. Start 2018 on a high note, not a "I got sick in a stranger's car" note.   

As for Texas liquor sale weirdness, there is some good news: Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve fall on Mondays next year, so that'll be one less thing you have to worry about next holiday season. See, 2018 is already looking better than 2017. 

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