Make Your Wagyu Dreams Come True at Roka Akor

For $350, you can get one of the most impressive steak flights of the year.

By Cory Garcia January 10, 2018

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Feast your eyes on that glorious steak.

Image: Jack Thompson

I will never understand how chili con carne became the state dish of Texas. I like chili well enough, but the only time I think "Texas" and "chili" in the same thought bubble is when I'm arguing with someone from outside of Texas about whether or not beans belong in chili. Other than that, it's pretty much just a thing that goes on hot dogs, and that's nothing particularly Texan about that. 

I bet if you asked 100 strangers from outside the state, Family Feud style, to name the state dish of Texas, at least half of them would say steak. Whether or not it should be the state dish is a completely different discussion, but you have to admit that steak feels Texan enough that it could be the state dish. If it was, it wouldn't be something that people felt weird about or needed to call out. You'd tell someone, "The state dish of Texas is steak" and they'd respond, "Figures." 

So while not every person in the Lone Star State dreams of a chunk of meat the size of their head, plenty of people do, and if you're one of them and looking to go all out on meat indulgence at the start of the new year Roka Akor has a special you need to know about. It won't be cheap, but it may end up being the most satisfying meat meal you have in 2018. 

They call it National Steak Month, and from now until January 31 you can indulge in the wonder that is Wagyu with two exclusive Wagyu flights. The first is the heavy-hitter: the Japanese Wagyu Flight will set you back $350, and comes with a certified Kobe 3 oz, Miyazaki 3 oz and Kumamoto Prefecture 3 oz steaks. If that's a little too rich for your blood, you can go with the Snake River Farms Wagyu Flight; for $88 you'll get 6 oz filet, 4 oz sirloin and 4 oz zabuton steaks to enjoy. Also on the menu is a Dry Aged 28 Day 26 oz Ribeye that goes for $95.  

Yes, those are big prices, but premium steak doesn't come cheap; you don't find Wagyu on every menu for a reason. But if you're been dying to try the different Wagyu options Roka Akor offers this is a pretty good way to do it. Besides, you're not going to find a $350 chili flight anywhere. 

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