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Ooh La La Has a Familiar Cupcake and Other V-Day Treats

Ooh La La has plenty of sweet Valentine's treats, including their take on the Hostess Cupcake.

By Joanna O'Leary February 13, 2018

Hostess cupcake 03 by dragana harris ij4scm

This cupcake has got that white cream classic thing that you like.

Like many area bakeries, Ooh La La is offering themed goodies for a certain a) love-inspired b) Hallmark-invented holiday this February. Regardless of whether you subscribe to interpretation a or b, what’s available this year at Ooh La La deserves all of your attention and at least some of your precious daily allotment of calories. Their cutesy vanilla and chocolate cupcakes crowned with pink or white buttercream and adorned with plastic hearts are certainly divine as are the heart-shaped Rice Krispy treats dunked in icing and garnished with rainbow sprinkles. Ooh La La has also outdone themselves with their frosted shortbread sporting lovebird, hot lips, ladybug, and heart-eye emoji designs. Not feeling it this February 14? Take home a half dozen of the “Love Bites” cookies.

Finally, I can’t think of a better way of channeling Bridget Jones in all of her endearing lovesick angst by opening a bottle of Chardonnay and eating a red velvet or chocolate chip cookie cake (or both!).

But the pièce de résistance in Ooh La La’s bakery case all this month is their rendition of the Hostess CupCake. Yes, that classic chocolate snack cake filled with vanilla “cream” (quotation marks to suggest dubious dairy content) and covered in a thin layer of chocolate glaze that’s so thick with hydrogenated fats that you can remove it in its entirety like rolling up a rug on a hardwood floor. Unsurprisingly, Ooh La La’s facsimile far outdoes the original with its moister, fluffier cake base boasting strong cocoa notes, inner filling of gooey housemade marshmallow fluff, and a top tier of luscious chocolate ganache. Hostess’ cupcake may have the nostalgia factor, but Ooh La La’s has the flavor, and I’ll take real over fake love any day.

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