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East Hampton Sandwich Co.'s Pop Up Preview Has Us Wanting More

A recent pop up has us excited about the Dallas-based chain's Houston arrival.

By Joanna O'Leary March 7, 2018

Lobsterroll zirkum

If you love lobster rolls, you'll want to get to East Hampton Sandwich Co. as soon as they open.

The best thing since sliced bread? The sandwich, obviously, and given my love for all its many iterations, I should probably name my first-born (regardless of sex) “John Montagu.” And while there is no paucity of good sandwich joints around town (my favorites include Kenny & Ziggy’s, Local Foods and Juan in a Million), it’s the more the merrier as far as I’m concerned, as long as they bring something good to the table.

The likelihood of Dallas-based chain East Hampton Sandwich Co., which is scheduled to open two locations in Houston this spring in River Oaks (late April) and Montrose (May), so doing is high if what I sampled at its recent pop-up at Kirby Ice House is representative of the majority of their offerings.

I and other attendees were treated to highlights of East Hampton’s menu, including the signature lobster roll. I’m a tough critic when it comes to lobster rolls, for I have been fortunate enough to have tried many different versions, having spent many years living in New England. East Hampton’s lobster roll, with large chunks of incredibly buttery, sweet claw meat laced with just the right amount of Old Bay mayo, definitely made the grade and I would serve it to my in-laws from Maine in a heartbeat. FYI, one roll has a full quarter pound of meat, more than the market standard, but if they instituted a "super-size" option, I would gladly shell out some extra shekels, so terrific did I find this sandwich. (Just sayin’.)

I also tried East Hampton’s juicy fried chicken and jack, layered with bacon that was a bit too crisp for my liking and some fine mashed avocado.  This sandwich, while very good, won’t be what I order when East Hampton finally opens. If I can restrain myself from ordering another lobster roll, I look forward to trying their take on the traditional Cuban as well as chicken parm.  

It should be noted that all sandwiches can come in low-carb wrap or salad formats should you worship Robert Earl of Atkins.

Since I do not, I also plan to round out my future sandwich sampling at East Hampton with one of their desserts, specifically the intriguingly titled “bag of donuts” ($4), filled with cinnamon-sugar donut holes. Just how big is that bag, I can’t help but wonder. I hope it’s approximately the size of a pillowcase. 

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