The Savoy Urban Ice House will open in Third Ward next month. 

Third Ward’s RENOVATION continues with the arrival of a new bar, The Savoy Urban Ice House, scheduled to open in November. With promising names in Houston’s food and bar scene, such as The Spot and 3 Fibs flourishing, The Savoy will be in good company as it plants itself on Emancipation Avenue. The new development will likely make a sizeable imprint in the cities bar culture under notable leadership.

Nakia Price, the owner of the acclaimed Southern comfort food spot, Turkey Leg Hut, and former University of Houston women’s basketball player and entrepreneur, Claire Watson, have partnered to bring the new bar to life. "We're really on a mission to revitalize Emancipation Square together and The Savoy is our first joint venture on that journey," Price said in a statement.

Ice houses have been part of South Texas culture since the 1920s, acting as a place where neighbors could hang-out, eat, and dance. The spaces would also store and distribute block ice; becoming a crucial establishment in every neighborhood. While they are no longer as frequent, Price and Watson’s intentional return is likely to distinguish The Savoy from other Houston bars.

"Claire and I wanted to create an inclusive atmosphere and a great gathering place that has all the entertainment value of a club, but with a totally different vibe. We think people are going to love this new take on an old Houston tradition." 

Third Ward's first urban ice house will open next month. 

The new bar will feature an array of craft cocktails, 12 beers on tap, and Nitro cold brew. To complement the drinks, The Savoy will host a food truck that will serve light bites and small plates. 

The new project's potential to invigorate Third Ward’s nightlife is substantial, particularly with Price’s history with TLH, which is known to draw huge crowds and celebrities. Not only do the owners have a prodigious track record, but the establishment itself is sure to impress with its rustic decor and welcoming atmosphere.

The venue will include vintage motorcycle furniture, street-art walls, and a large, 250-seat patio. A VIP room with a private terrace, and an outside bar in an Airstream trailer will also be open for guests.

While there is no official opening date to the general public, the owners have assured that this upcoming November will be the month. 

The Savoy Urban Ice House is located at 4402 Emancipation Ave. For more info, visit the website.

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