Earn Your Drink

Do the Work, Get the Beer From Saint Arnold This Summer

The Earn Your Lawnmower promotion means free beer for some of Houston's hardest workers.

By Jesse Sendejas Jr. May 11, 2018

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Help the ones you love get free beer this summer.

Summertime—it means lazy weekday mornings for school kids, beach excursions for families, and a '90s hit single for Will Smith. Despite its association with vacation and recreation, lots of people will be working hard all summer long. The folks at Saint Arnold Brewery plan to honor anyone who’s getting jiggy with it on the job this summer with free beer.

The brewery is running a quaint promotion called Earn Your Lawnmower. The concept is simple: just send an email to [email protected] telling the brewery how your friend, family member, co-worker, or industrious acquaintance is putting in work this summer. All summer long, they’ll select winners, reward them with Fancy Lawnmower—the brewery’s tasty German-style Kölsch—and feature their stories on Saint Arnold’s social media. The work being honored is undertakings of all kinds, everything from the time-clocked, 9-to-5 variety to items on the honey-do list.

“Part of what we wanted to look into and tackle this year was the feeling of a Lawnmower beer as a reward for a job well done. So, that can be after a long day in the yard or by just doing something super nice for a family member or friend,” said Lennie Ambrose, the brewery’s chief marketing officer. “There is definitely a climate of helping others and a sense of camaraderie in Houston and Texas these days, and we wanted to help highlight that. A great beer goes hand-in-hand with celebrating such occasions, too.”

Work is a subject that’s heavy on the minds of Saint Arnold’s denizens. They’re busy prepping the brewery for their 24th-anniversary party on June 9, which will feature more than a dozen bands, including headliners Trae the Truth and Los Skarnales. And the brewery continues its hiring frenzy to staff the beer garden and restaurant it’s opening on the property next door later this year. It’s no wonder Saint Arnold has suddenly become the patron of tireless laborers.

Ambrose said there’s some precedence for this all, so the brewery has seen first-hand just how much a cold craft brew is appreciated by those toiling to make their lives, and the lives of fellow Houstonians, better.

“I will say that the happy hours we have done after cleanup days along Buffalo Bayou have always been really fun and rewarding,” he shared. “Also, after the hurricane, we set up some neighborhood happy hours for folks that were working on cleaning out their houses and people were so thrilled to get that Lawnmower.”

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