The Essential Guide to Asiatown

5 Sweet Treats You Won't Find Anywhere Else

Asiatown is a hotbed of desserts, from traditional to trendy.

By Gwendolyn Zepeda June 22, 2018 Published in the July 2018 issue of Houstonia Magazine

Image: Daniel Kramer

Red Circle Ice Cream

  • What: A new and new-school parlor fusing bold flavor choices behind an unassuming façade
  • Popular Choice: The Chino Churro, plain vanilla topped with house-made cinnamon churros and Pocky sticks
  • Under-the-Radar Choice: Hot Cheeto ice cream wrapped in a Puffelicious bubble waffle
  • Price per treat: $5-6

Kung Fu Tea

  • What: This, the flagship location of an international café chain, goes well beyond bubble tea (and they don't suffer fussy customers, so don't mess around).
  • Popular Choice: Red bean Wow Milk
  • Under-the-Radar Choice: Yogurt grapefuit juice with herbal jelly 
  • Price per treat: $3-6


  • What: A popular chain serving a mind-boggling variety of the ice-topped, Vietnamese dessert drinks known as che
  • Popular Choice: Number 10, coconut water with grass jelly and pandan jelly, plus red tapioca
  • Under-the-Radar Choice: The Smashed Avocado smoothie with tapioca and beautifully mysterious maroon jelly "bricks"
  • Price per treat: $4-5

Parisian Bakery & Cafe

  • What: A family-owned stalwart serving hot, fresh, Viet-French, sweet and savory patisserie
  • Popular Choice: The macarons
  • Under-the-Radar Choice: Banh tieu, the deep-fried "hollow donut" that's the beignet's subtler, more satisfying cousin
  • Price per treat: Around $2

Nu Cafe

  • What: The crown jewel of shaved ice, nestled in the Dun Huang shopping center and surrounded by other sweet standouts
  • Popular Choice: Almond ice with mini mochis and lychee drizzle
  • Under-the-Radar Choice: Let this be your stepping stone to the world of traditional Chinese desserts—try coconut sago pudding at Juice Box, next door.
  • Price per treat: $3-7
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