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Our Latest Obsession: Hawaiian Punch at EarthCraft Juicery

This new juice spot has a drink with Hawaiian sweetness and spice.

By Cory Garcia June 8, 2018

The pink and the green of EarthCraft juicery.

Image: Cory Garcia

A few years back, I made the decision, for health reasons, to try to cut back on the amount of sugar I consumed on a daily basis. It didn’t keep, obviously, but there’s one thing from that experience that I still do every single day: drink a wild amount of water spiked with Hawaiian Punch powder sticks. I double up on them per bottle to amp up the flavor, but they're sugar-free, low in calories—plus, I have a nostalgic love for Hawaiian Punch owing to it being one of my bottled drinks of choice back when I was younger and would need hydration after going to concerts.

Which would explain why, while surfing my way across Yelp the other night, my eyes lit up when I was browsing the menu of EarthCraft Juicery, located at 2400 Mid Lane, Ste 130. There it was, in the center of their juice options: Hawaiian Punch. This, of course, was something I was going to have to try, even though up until now I’ve been sleeping on the new wave of juice spots in Houston.

There are a lot of spaces in Houston right now, serving either juice or ice cream or acai bowls, that are just glorified halls with maybe a single wall all painted up so people have somewhere nice to snap a photo for their Instagram. It’s not my favorite aesthetic, which is why I dig what EarthCraft is doing with their space, putting in greenery on the walls and on the table to give the space some texture and contrast. I’d hang one of their plant portraits on my wall.

As for the Hawaiian Punch, their take on the drink includes pineapple, beet, carrot, ginger, lemon, apple, camu camu berry, and amla berry, and is said to be good for vision, digestion, and energy. It’s a pleasant color, as seen above, but I admit that while looking at the ingredients I was a little worried about how it might taste.

I’m happy to report that the stuff is quite good. The real surprise is the spicy shot it packs, owing to the ginger I believe. First you feel the sweet refreshing sweetness of the drink—I’m told that it’s the sweetest of the juice options—then there’s this warmth that settles over the palate that sticks with you for a few moments. It’s definitely a drink that’ll keep you on your toes, after it curls them the first time you take a sip. It’s pricey–$9.5 plus tax for 16 oz—and it’s not something you’re meant to chug.

In time I’m sure I’ll be back to EarthCraft; there’s a black activated lemonade that’s just calling my late '90s emo heart, after all. If you’re working your way through the many juice options in Houston, don’t sleep on them; their flavors pack a real wallop.

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