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Our Latest Obsession: The Pork Chop at Field & Tides

How a massive piece of meat keeps this established Heights restaurant in the conversation.

By Timothy Malcolm October 9, 2019

The double-cut pork chop with white cheddar grits.

If you scour our 39 Best New Restaurants feature this month, you'll find more than a few spots located in the Heights, a neighborhood whose foodie reputation has soared in the past couple years. But while we justifiably devour bready goodness at Squable, fried chicken dinners at La Lucha, and delicious pastries at Mastrantos, we shouldn't sleep on the now-veteran Field & Tides, which is serving up some of the most eye-opening food in the city.

For instance, the fist-sized, double-cut, 16-ounce pork chop that's been on the menu for a while now but has yet had a shoutout. This is a classic American restaurant favorite, but it's one of the better pork chops I've ever had. Sourced from Buckhead Meat & Seafood, it's cooked sous-vide—the perfect way to treat it, as it's still tender and juicy on the plate, and cooked completely through, showing a nice pinkish hue inside. 

"The pork chop will always be 16 ounces. It will always be sous vide," says Travis Lenig, chef and owner of Field & Tides.

If it was cooked to order in the pan, says Lenig, it would've taken maybe 30 minutes, fighting with the time it takes for other dishes to hit the table. So this method allows the chef to control the guest's pork chop experience while not compromising the meat's character.

"I wanted people to have their food in a timely manner," he says. "And to have it in a timely manner, it would've taken 20-30 minutes, and it wouldn't have been this best product. It would've been a dry product."

The pork chop has been around since nearly the beginning (Field & Tides opened in 2017) and is a fan favorite. Right now, as the restaurant is in its fall menu period, the meat is served with mustard whose tanginess is tempered by the sweet and earthy notes of an IPA beer, plus creamy white cheddar grits, and braised collared greens. It's a full plate that borders on winter-heavy, but take a little home for later, and at $27, it's a pretty good deal.

And since Field & Tides is on its fall menu, get those new deviled eggs—pickled in beet juice and topped with Steen's cane vinegar mayonnaise and pork belly—as an appetizer.

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