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Pi Pizza, Star Fish May Soon Have New Leadership

It's been a long month for Cherry Pie Hospitality.

By Timothy Malcolm August 27, 2018


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Pi Pizza and Star Fish may soon be out of Cherry Pie Hospitality's hands, too.

Eater first reported that Pi Pizza had filed for a food-and-beverage certificate, plus other permits, with the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission on Monday, listing Michael Sambrooks and David Sambrooks as managers. Michael Sambrooks owns the Pit Room in Montrose.

A spokesperson for Cherry Pie Hospitality said "nothing is purchased currently" and both Pi and Star Fish are still under the Cherry Pie banner.

This comes at the end of a month in which Cherry Pie has been in the news and has seen its portfolio shrink. On August 2 Pi Pizza and nearby Star Fish were locked out of their locations for a day because of a banking snafu. A week later it was revealed that Cherry Pie was involved in a $1 million lawsuit because of an alleged breach in contract over the planned location of Lee's Creamery. A week after that State Fare Kitchen and Bar was sold to Culinary Khancepts. And on Friday, CultureMap reported that Petite Sweets was closing a day later.

The Cherry Pie spokesperson had no comment about Lee's Fried Chicken & Donuts, the Cherry Pie business started by its founder Lee Ellis, who left the company in March.

We'll update this story if necessary.

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