On Monday we wrote that BuffBurger is launching a breakfast service. Well, boy oh boy, it's worth it.

The simple menu has five sandwiches (plus a kids' sando), and each comes with crispy yet fluffy tater tots. There are numerous highlights.

First, the pork belly. For $10 you get a sous vide pork belly, over-hard hen egg, and cheddar inside a homemade challah bun (plus the tater tots). The pork belly is thick, cuts easily, and packs a juicy flavor. A zippy jalapeño ketchup is served alongside, and while it's not necessary, it's delicious (with flavorful heat) and should be used as a dip for those tater tots.

The smoked salmon might seem out of place, but the flavors are on point. Chef Paul "Buff" Burden says he cold-smoked it overnight after curing. You can taste the smoke on it, and there's enough of it, along with a creamy, tangy chèvre cream cheese; capers; and tomato and onion. The "everything" bun is an inspired nod to bagel culture. Maybe a little char would be nice on the bun, but we're not picky.

Also check out the breakfast burger, a classic interpretation with a medium-cooked 44 Farms patty, crispy bacon, and a fried egg that bursts open upon biting. Burden said he's not a huge fan of a bursting-open fried egg in his hangover breakfast sandwich, but he couldn't resist adding it here. It works, adding the right amount of lubrication and silky texture.

Burden is excited to see families stop in during the weekend and grab breakfast sandwiches to go, or maybe sit down for a few minutes before taking on the next activity. We appreciate a well-constructed, thoughtful breakfast sandwich that makes the weekend sing. Well, BuffBurger has nailed it.

And what's better: It's open for breakfast every day. 

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