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EggHaus Gourmet Is Egg-Cellent

The bright breakfast concept has egg sandwiches, flavorful kolaches, and matcha.

By Timothy Malcolm September 19, 2018

With its all-white exterior, EggHaus is the shiny new sister to King's Bierhaus.

The wall closest to the entrance at EggHaus Gourmet is a large floral print. It immediately shows what the newest concept from the KB Restaurant Group is aiming to be: a sunny, relaxing place where runners, spinners, parents, kids, laptop warriors, and neighborhood folks can stop in for a quick breakfast sandwich or a couple kolaches. Maybe they’ll stay. Maybe they’re moving quickly. Whatever.

“When we developed the concept as a living, breathing thing, we were focused on seeing how people take the food,” said Philipp Sitter, owner of Egg Haus. He co-founded King's Bierhaus and King's Biergarten with father Hans. “We definitely have everything developed to be portable, but the integrity remains.”

So, as Sitter says, you can take food to stay and sit in the mostly white space decorated by hanging plants, plenty of shelves, and splashes of yellow. Standing next to King’s Bierhaus and minutes from the heart of multiple family-centric neighborhoods (Timbergrove, the Heights, and Garden Oaks), this place will get crowded on weekend mornings. It’ll probably do brisk business during the week, too.

And couldn’t you imagine the random guest packing up his stuff at EggHaus, only to walk next door for a happy-hour drink at King’s Bierhaus? That’s a restaurateur’s dream.

“I would love to see that,” says Sitter, laughing. “Man, we could just build a mini hotel and keep it all here.”

Catching the younger customer seems to be a priority with EggHaus, and there’s a little bit of a millennial Instagram-era put-on here: that floral wall, a magnet board by the trash station where workers will arrange letters into clever quips, a matcha program (it’s so in right now) and cute-as-heck sleeves for the sandwiches that recall Shake Shack. But this isn’t on the level of Present Company or anything—the point isn’t to take photos, but to get in line, order breakfast, and wait for the buzzer to go off (it makes EggHaus more a quick-service spot than a fast-casual place).

The EggHaus concept has been in the works—or at least in the ether—for a few years. Sitter says it started when he brought homemade kolaches to an employee meeting. He realized King’s was already making what they needed for kolaches, so that led to a few successful pop-ups. The menu was further influenced a bit by Sitter’s trips to Los Angeles, where he sought to merge savory breakfast grub with fresh ingredients and a health-conscious mission.

What you get are some twists on the traditional—mainly breakfast sandwiches with lettuce. A bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich has a perfectly fried medium-sized, cage-free egg with hickory-smoked bacon, melted cheddar, a smoky chipotle aioli, and mixed greens on a butter flake bun. I like the idea of greens on a sandwich, but the heat wilts the lettuce pretty quickly. Also, you lose the medium egg in a breakfast sandwich with thick bread slices. A second egg, or at least a large one, would help.

The bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich comes in a handy sleeve. It sits next to the Ceremonial matcha.

EggHaus’s other sandwiches include German crossovers like the Hangover, which has hand-shredded chicken simmered in Spaten Lager; and the Pretzel Grilled Cheese with scrambled eggs, American and cheddar cheeses, and bacon and basil on a pretzel. With all sandwiches, you can sub out the bun for salad.

EggHaus has kolaches, too. House varieties have German bratwurst and smoked Polish sausage, while specialties include the Reuben Kolache (corned beef, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese), pulled pork, barbacoa, and organic peanut butter. Vegetarian kolaches include a margherita-style item with grape tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil. Try the Bier Infusions selections: a savory Butcher Kolache with ground chuck, a pilsner marinade, peppers and onions; and the Drunken Chicken with the Spaten-marinated chicken, peppers, onions, and a Buffalo sauce. The fillings are flavorful but I could’ve used a little more of them.

The restaurant also is getting in the taco game, offering potato and egg; bacon, egg, and cheese; beer-simmered chuck and egg; pulled pork, cheddar, and beer barbecue sauce; roasted chicken; and barbacoa. Like with the sandwiches, you can sub out the tortilla for a lettuce cup.

Finally, EggHaus offers coffee (espresso, Americano, cortado, cappuccino, latte, cold brew) and has a matcha program. I enjoyed a Ceremonial matcha, and I really liked the matcha croissant: a buttery, flaky breakfast item enhanced by a earthy, sweet matcha shell with gold flakes.  

There’s a lot to like at EggHaus, especially that there seems to be care taken into every detail. Team members arrive at 1 a.m. to bake. The baked goods are delicious and enhance everything, and it’ll be fun to see the restaurant experiment with kolaches. Having a now-established sausage and beer enterprise next door can’t hurt, either.

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