Glazed Over

Cambodian Doughnuts Paired With Greenway Coffee Outside the Loop

Marq'e Coffee and Donuts has debuted, and the fluffy goodness must be shared with all.

By Timothy Malcolm September 10, 2018

Bet you can't eat all three. Yes, yes you can.

You may not know it walking into Marq'e Coffee and Donuts, newly opened and just west of the Loop off I-10, but this tidy mom-and-pop shop is part of the Greenway Coffee family of vendors. Owned by Allison Ballon, and Sam Phan and David Buehrer of Greenway (Morningstar, Blacksmith), Marq'e simplifies the idea of a morning routine.

In essence, you can get Blacksmith-level coffee (because it's Greenway) and Morningstar-level coffee and doughnuts (because it's Greenway), but with a dialed-down, quick-grab atmosphere. 

"We're not trying to be the expensive doughnut shop," says Buehrer. "We're trying to be the value doughnut shop."

There's plenty of value at Marq'e. The doughnuts are, as Buehrer says, "grounded in the Cambodian jedi technique," and boy do they taste heavenly. The lighter, fluffier treats—glazed, blueberry, chocolate, strawberry, the list goes on—are packed with flavor. A classic glazed is $1.25, while iced, filled, and sprinkled varieties (you can get dinosaur sprinkles on yours) run $1.50. Apple fritters, bear claws, and donut holes are also available. Marq'e also sells kolaches (get the boudin, cheese, and jalapeño), croissant sandwiches, breakfast tacos, biscuit sandwiches, and cereal. 

But this is about bridging big-city coffee with small-operation doughnuts, which means the drinks shine just as bright. There's a well-balanced cold brew for $3, plus cappuccinos, lattes, flat whites, and a variety of teas. Now you won't have to go to one place for this and another for that.

Or, says Buehrer: "Were bringing good coffee to the suburban traditional donut shop."

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