Some Spread, Huh?

Tater Tot Casserole and More Goodies Inside a Texans Luxury Suite

Barbecue, cheesy goodness, and Bailey's in your ice cream? It's all possible.

By Timothy Malcolm September 20, 2018

One of the luxury suites at NRG Stadium. You can spend time in the main area watching the game on a hi-def TV. Or you know, the game is right there...

On Sunday, the Texans open their 2018 regular season home slate with a battle against the 0-2 New York Giants. We’re not saying the Texans are ripe for their first win of the season, but we’re also not not saying they are.

Regardless of the outcome, NRG Stadium will be packed. The tailgate sets off early Sunday morning, while inside the smell of Killen’s beef ribs will perfume the concourse. Yes, there are a bunch of new offerings this year at NRG, including cameos from the Original Ninfa’s on Navigation and Chris Shepherd’s soon-to-open Georgia James, but where is the best food, you ask?

It might just be in the luxury suites.

I got a front-row seat (although a few levels up) for a Texans preseason game as part of Houston Texans Luxe, and while the view is pretty unbeatable, it’s the food (and sheer volume of it) that really makes the experience.

The best single bite was Killen’s smoked sausage, hearty with just a light kick. The sliced brisket and pork ribs were good but lacked the immediate moisture and heat you get from a recently-off-the-smoker piece. Pro tip: Get to the suite early for these for maximum flavor potential.

Shepherd’s tater tot casserole is back for 2018, and uh, it’s pretty freaking great. It brings back memories of cheesy potatoes coated in Corn Flakes. That’s what you want for football.

Other dishes include creamed corn, pork belly baked beans, a chipotle baked potato salad, and coleslaw. Perfect picnic fare. The complimentary bar has beer, wine, and a small selection of spirits.

Try to save room for dessert, because an ice cream sundae cart pulls up sometime around halftime. You can load up on sprinkles, hot fudge syrup, and whipped cream, but you can also get a little Bailey’s in your bowl. I highly recommend that.

The suites include HD televisions, private restrooms, a communal area, and bar stools, but man, those seats overlooking the bowl are sweet. I was able to watch a Texans win from that perch, though your mileage may vary. Hopefully it won’t and the Texans go 14-0 the rest of the way.

Hey, it can happen.

Luckily most of this food is also available in the concourse, but if you want the full experience you can get single-game luxury box seats. They start at *ahem* $15,000, but if you're throwing a game-watching party and inviting 14 friends ... you get the picture. Visit the Texans Luxe website for more.

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