The stout at 4J Brewing Company

Golden-hued beers are perfect for summer, but there’s nothing as satisfying as lifting a mug of darker suds as the days grow shorter and the (slight) chill of winter rolls in. Here are three dark beers, all brewed in the Bayou City, to drink this time of year:

Eureka Heights Brewing Co.

Although milk stouts are generally known for having creamier bodies, the popular Heights brewery’s Moo Caliente is a little less thick, with barley and oats balancing out the lactose, and a nice kick, courtesy cayenne pepper and cinnamon.

4J Brewing Company

The classic stout at this Spring Branch family operation—the four Js are sisters Jessica, Jackie, Joanna, and Jennifer Edwards—is a welcome treat. The moderately carbonated, malty brew is a careful execution of a 250-year-old style. Bonus: It won’t fill you up or leave you woozy.

Platypus Brewing Co.

You’ll definitely want to clap after ordering the Washington Avenue brewery’s coffee porter, Stars at Night. Chocolate and crystal malt give the near-black beer its sweet scent, while Catalina Coffee cold brew adds a chipper note. This is a beautifully balanced, surprisingly light take on the popular marriage of beans and hops.

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