Fall means patio weather (tell that to the recent cold front), but some nights you may not want to visit a restaurant. You may want to—ahem—cook. (It's okay, I understand.)

But these days it's easy to get restaurant-quality grub for the kitchen. Raid the deli case at B&B Butchers; heck, order kobe wagyu if you'd like (we're not judging). Well, now you can get Taste of Texas steaks at home, thanks to its newly opened Grill-At-Home Store, unveiled earlier this fall.

There you can buy wet-aged Angus steaks, sides like the absurdly delicious Megan's mac 'n' cheese, and proportioned meal kits with instructions. Need a holiday gift idea? Buy a knife set (which can be engraved) or a copy of the store's recent cookbook Perfectly Aged: 40 Years of Recipes and Stories from the Taste of Texas.

The store is part of a recently completed $2 million renovation that includes an expanded kitchen, dining room, and corporate event space. The larger kitchen is impressive, freeing up more room for prep cooks and baking staff while streamlining the provider delivery process. These kinds of improvements aren't seen by the regular diner, but they can really boost the production of what's already a well-oiled machine.

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