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Bellagreen Shines as a Family-Friendly, Healthy Option

The ubiquitous green-living chain is friendly and pleasing.

By Timothy Malcolm February 22, 2019

On two separate occasions I've gone to CityCentre to support a family member who's an actor. And before both shows our family has had to choose a nearby restaurant for dinner—one that would support our wily 2-year-old, a place where she can just blend into the fabric.

Bellagreen—the fast-casual restaurant that claims an emphasis on freshness and organic ingredients—is especially family-friendly. The CityCentre location, with its vast patio that overlooks the turf courtyard regularly populated by energetic toddlers, has no choice but to warm up to families. So people can expect to come on a Friday evening, find a table on the patio, and let their kids tire out while sipping glasses of cabernet.

While I'm waiting for my food, I watch my kid scamper onto the carpet, or maybe I go out there with her, in which case some stranger's child will undoubtedly come by to tell me he runs faster than my daughter. Great, thanks.

The food is comforting. Starters include a decent portion of miniature crab cakes, plus veggie and turkey lettuce wraps. Salads are huge and chock-full of veggies; the chicken curry is a winner. I really like the roasted chicken pizza, which probably has a few too many Kalamata olives but doesn't skimp on the sun-dried tomatoes, and I enjoy that. 

Bellagreen has a pretty deep menu, so there's plenty more to look into, from burgers to paninis to pasta dishes, with plenty of dietary options and veggie-friendly choices. Desserts include tres leches, a pink velvet cake, and a high-protein hemp brownie, which sticks out like a novelty, even at a place that stresses organic ingredients.

Nearly three years removed from a scandal that brought a change in ownership and new name and branding, Bellagreen does comfortable yet healthy food and family-friendly vibes really well. 

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