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Uptown Sushi Reopens After Renovations

The Uptown Park restaurant has a clean, modern look and slightly updated menu.

By Timothy Malcolm February 26, 2019

The new interior at Uptown Sushi.

Uptown Park has a lot going for it these days. After extensive renovations it's more walkable and inviting, and new eateries like Flower Child and Mendocino Farms have arrived.

Following suit, Uptown Sushi went through its own major renovation starting in September. After nearly six months, the upscale sushi restaurant is open once again.

“After over 15 years of serving our inventive cuisine, we were inspired to redesign our restaurant to reflect the renovations at Uptown Park,” said co-owner Peggy Chang. “The end result is a space that is timeless, yet fresh and reflects our flavorful Japanese-fusion and sushi cuisine in the center of uptown Houston.”

The new Uptown Sushi emphasizes brightness and natural light in its 4,600-square-foot space. The floor-to-ceiling curtains and windowless walls are gone in place of dramatic, graphic art backdrops and tall windows. Tiered seating gives some diners an opportunity to peer down a bit into the sushi bar.

Menu changes reflect the change to a sleek, modernist style. Look for spicy tuna bowl, along with traditional items like Japanese black snapper and freshwater eel topped with mango cheesecake.

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