Enjoy a pretty sunset with a pretty dish of toast points.

Multiple studies suggest most people give up their New Year’s resolutions by mid-January.

If, like millions of other Americans, “eating healthy” is one of them, courage mon brave. You got this.

And to make things easier, I suggest you head to Vibrant. Not because it’s trendy and already the darling of gluten-free socialite set. And not because it has to be the only restaurant in town with an “astrology” section on its website.

But rather because its menu of bright, elegantly assembled, vegetable-focused dishes pack surprising layers of intense flavor that will satisfy more demanding palates. For rabbit food marginally improved with watery vinaigrettes, look elsewhere.

As an ardent fan of eating traditional foods at non-traditional times, I was immediately drawn to Vibrant’s “breakfast salad.” Like all other items in the matutinal section of the menu, it was available through 4 p.m., which meant one could in theory have it for dinkfest or brinner. Score!  

Or, as it turned out during my first visit: lunch. A bed of bright bittersweet greens served as the base for a slice of king salmon adorned with radish petals. Golden olive oil enlivened with a twang of lemon juice added some fatty heft as did the final garnish of a lacy fried egg.

During my second visit on the cusp of sunset, I sampled one of Vibrant’s supper options, a toast medley composed of oven-crisped points of bread made of teff. (Teff, btw, can make you run real fast.) Of the three different topping combinations, I most enjoyed the marinated baby tomatoes and sunflower ricotta spread for its alternating bites of sweet acidity and nutty (non-dairy!) creaminess. Also commendable was the teff layered with smoked salmon paste and dotted with dill sprigs. My least favorite was the toast-topped pistachio pesto and marinated zucchini slices, admittedly because I think zucchini is the most worthless vegetable on the planet. But that’s a subject for another time.

What’s certainly not worthless is Vibrant’s commitment to using nourishing organic ingredients in constructing appetizing plates that are artful but accessible to the average consumer. In other words, food that’s too pretty not to eat.

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