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5 Crab Cakes You Should Have Right Now

These delightful dishes are worthy of your next seafood splurge.

By Joanna O'Leary March 19, 2019

The crab cakes at Goode Company Seafood come with a shiitake mushroom gravy.

Image: Kelsey Creech

It's spring, and we're smack in the middle of crawfish season. But while we focus on the mudbugs, we shouldn't forget our other crustacean cohorts, like—say—the frisky crab. Head to one of the five following restaurants to feast on their noteworthy crab cake dishes. All feature patties packed with jumbo lump crustacean meat, albeit dressed in diverse fashions for your tasting pleasure.

Another Broken Egg Cafe

Crab for breakfast? Yes and yes, says Another Broken Egg Cafe, which innovates traditional eggs Benedict by presenting a couplet of poached eggs perched atop plump crab cakes and toasted halved English muffins. The sweet flavor of the supple crustacean flesh is well-balanced by porky heft of the generous dousing of andouille hollandaise and fiery bursts of diced red pepper.

The Original Ninfa’s On Navigation

Just once, step out of your queso comfort zone and refrain from starting your meal at Ninfa’s with chips and melted cheese in favor of trying its crab cake appetizer. This monster mound of shredded, sautéed crab is browned in butter and then dressed in a poblano pepper sauce, whose mild heat is tempered by sumptuous chipotle cream.

District 7 Grill EADO

The crab cake sandwich at District 7 Grill EADO in its original form—i.e., served on a fluffy egg bun and crowned with avocado, blackened onions and peppers, thick-cut bacon, and roasted pepper sauce—is quite spectacular. However, take advantage of the Grill’s elective toppings: add truffle aioli and a slice of sharp dry-aged cheddar to up the umami ante.

Goode Company Seafood

At Goode Company Seafood, the crab cakes arrive as a relatively diminutive duo garnished with an earthy shiitake mushroom gravy. Size, in this case, in no ways diminishes satisfaction. By splitting the same amount of meat into two portions, the silver-dollar sized cakes are not only easier to share, natch, but also boast an overall crispier texture than the general singular standard soft patty.

Frank’s Americana Revival

Frank’s goes all fancy pants with its crustacean cakes by floating them in a shimmery beurre blanc laced with tarragon. Red pepper coulis inflections complement the dairy fats and briny protein with acid and just a hint of heat.

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