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Get Your Coffee With a Side of Rock 'n' Roll at This Katy Café

Legends Coffee & Café hopes to become a hub for artists.

By Timothy Malcolm March 7, 2019

"No 'Stairway!' Denied!"

Image: Becca Wright

There ain't no cure for the morning blues quite like a strong cup of coffee. At Legends Coffee & Café, which is in soft opening at 25707 Westheimer Parkway in Katy, that coffee comes with a swift kick of Guns N' Roses.

Legends combines a love of third-wave specialty coffee with a deep appreciation for second-wave rock 'n' roll. Lattes, cold brews, and bold, creamy nitro coffee can be sipped while admiring the many vinyls on the wall. The soundtrack has a lot in common with the records—you'll hear Genesis, Van Halen, Cheap Trick, and others, no matter the time of day. Soon, you'll also hear live, local music at Legends. It's booking singers and songwriters, hoping to be a hub for artists in the Katy area.

“We are dedicated to fostering an artistically appreciative community in Katy," says co-owner Steve Blackmon. "We wanted to create an atmosphere for local musicians where they can come and express themselves for others to enjoy.”

Steve and wife Mickie Blackmon run Legends with Mickie's daughter Teahra Turner. Teahra's sister Reignie helps, and Mickie's sister Elizabeth Duncan leads the kitchen. It's a true family affair—the group attended the Texas Coffee School in Arlington to bone up on roasting, serving, and cupping, and you'll see much of the family at any time in the café.

“Once the seed was planted over a year ago, everyone in the family started to chime in with their ideas and wanted to be a part of Legends,” says Blackmon.

Legends—which is open 6 a.m.-10 p.m. Monday-Saturday and 7 a.m.-7 p.m. Sunday—also has a full menu with counter service and drive-thru (which opens an hour earlier Monday-Saturday).

The rueben, called Juke Box Hero after the Foreigner song, comes with a side of chips, salad, or fruit.

Breakfast includes breakfast tacos, croissant sandwiches, and avocado toast, while lunch brings sandwiches, flatbreads, and salads. The sandwiches are named after famous classic rock and soul songs; for example, the meaty reuben is called Juke Box Hero, a real bang for the buck coming with chips, salad, or fruit cup. There's plenty of corned beef and pastrami, and just enough crunchy sauerkraut and sweet Swiss. Meanwhile, the French dip, buoyed by a tangy, house-made horseradish sauce, is called Pride & Joy. 

And then there are jokes: The chicken salad sandwich is the Free Bird.

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