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Our Latest Obsession: The Fun Flavors of Milk + Sugar

This new hipster ice cream joint ain't about that vanilla life.

By Joanna O'Leary March 28, 2019

Apparently, I am not the only person who thinks eating ice cream for lunch is perfectly acceptable, because around noon on a weekday at Milk + Sugar the majority of tables were filled with patrons enjoying colorful scoops in cones and cups.

As Montrose’s newest ice cream shop, Milk + Sugar presents gourmet hipster offerings appropriate to its location. “LIFE IS TOO SHORT FOR PLAIN VANILLA”, proclaimed a prominent sign adjacent to the case, and indeed, those looking for the “classics” with regards to ice cream flavors may be disappointed. To those people, I say, “Don’t worry. You’ll Always Have A Place At The Dairy Queen.”

However, those happy to venture outside their comfort zone will find much to enjoy at Milk + Sugar, whose innovative ice creams are sophisticated in conception yet offer simple, pure complementary combinations of ingredients.

See, for example, the “Afterschool Snack” (the majority of Milk + Sugar’s creations have such whimsical monikers), which evoked nostalgia for childhood sammies with its base of peanut butter and banana laced with strawberry sauce.

My other hefty scoop of Thai Tea was, as promised, a semi-solid version of beverage and its bright burnt orange hue reflected equally vibrant notes of cardamom, vanilla, and cinnamon.

At my next visit, I will spring for a sugar cone and try the “City That Never Sleeps” (coffee with chocolate-covered salted pretzels) and Milk + Sugar’s current seasonal flavor, the dulce de horchata (rice ice cream with caramel swirl).

Milk + Sugar has the added bonus of being open until midnight on Friday and Saturday, which makes stopping by for a sweet nightcap after bar-hopping all too easy. Non-night owls and homebodies like this reporter can also pick up pints of select flavors (look for the asterisk on the menu) to fuel weekend Netflix-binging.

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