It's The Joint?

This 4/20, CBD Is Popping Up Across Houston

What's the deal with CBD, and where can you find it?

By Timothy Malcolm April 19, 2019

CBD is showing up more and more in houston these days.

CBD stands for cannabidiol, a natural compound found in cannabis, which includes marijuana and other flowers cultivated for non-drug use. Early research has shown CBD may treat anxiety, pain, and other movement disorders, while some just say it helps you relax. More concrete is its ability to treat childhood epilepsy, with studies showing CBD contributing to a reduction in seizures. The FDA recently approved a medicine called Epidolex, which contains CBD, for treatment of specific types of epilepsy; in Texas, those qualified for the medication can purchase and use it, per prescription.

But does it get you high? According to the World Health Organization, taken by itself CBD doesn't cause a high. But its legality is in limbo, and mostly tied to the chemical THC, which is what causes the high and is abundant in marijuana, but not so much in hemp and non-drug-use flowers. The federal government, in passing the 2018 Farm Bill, made hemp products like CBD legal (typically in oil form), so long as it contained less than 0.3 percent concentration of THC. 

The feds also don't actively pursue enforcement of CBD use, while states have taken the liberty to legalize it with restrictions. As for Texas, CBD is only legal in the seizure medication, but the state, like the feds, don't seem to be actively prosecuting. So people are starting to sell CBD.

That brings us to today. Eater reported the opening (on 4/20, naturally) of a cafe that'll serve CBD-infused beverages and pastries. Called the Smoking Pot, it's capitalizing on the obvious implication, although to stay above bar, the shop would have to show that its CBD has minimal, if no traces of THC. Another cafe coming to Houston: Amsterdam Coffee Co., and its owners told Houstonia they're looking at opening later in the year. Coffee shops with CBD are popping up in other parts of the country, too. That said, CBD isn't necessarily new to Houston: You might be able to find CBD oil as an add-in at your favorite juice bar.

Meanwhile, Beaver's announced it'll be spiking queso with CBD oil on Saturday only (in honor of 4/20). It'll also be serving pizza, bourbon ribs and other goodies, along with a CBD-flower-smoked old fashioned. 

While people have claimed CBD has positive effects, the jury is still out, so you might be questioning whether some of these CBD efforts are just stunts to garner up some press. Well, in that case ... success! But the bigger point is this: CBD is here, and you'll be seeing it more now in the Bayou City.

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