Nearly identical to the advertisement! Good job, Whataburger.

A few weeks back, while experiencing ice-cream-and-syrup-based shake withdrawal, I wrote an impassioned plea for McDonald's to finally wisen up and bring the Shamrock Shake to Texas.

Friends, it's time we move on from pestering McDonald's. Instead, we must petition Whataburger, because its new Dr Pepper Shake is incredible and must stay on the menu forever.

Side note: Is it possible this guy came up with the idea?

The Dr Pepper Shake has all the makings of a phenomenon. I tried the shake a few days ago and can say, without hesitation, that I would order it again.

First off, as a general note, I love the thickness of the Whataburger shakes, because they won't melt so quickly in the Texas heat. As for this specific shake, it has the right amount of Dr Pepper flavor—strong enough that the spice is up front, but not so bold that you're getting a mouthful of cola—and vanilla is a perfect contrast. It's rich but not milky—it's well-balanced. It's a brighter, thicker version of a root beer float, and it's far more Texan.

I hope at minimum Whataburger keeps the Dr Pepper Shake around for the summer. I can see it being a necessity on a 90-degree evening, maybe coming home from an Astros game. 

But if Whataburger really has our best interests in mind, it'll just put this baby on the menu for good. I promise I won't have to ever again talk about the Shamrock Shake.

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