Celebrate Pride Month With These Rainbow Cakes

For some of these festive desserts, a portion of proceeds go toward nonprofits and progressive causes.

By Joanna O'Leary June 14, 2019

"Cuppy," the official Pride dessert from Sprinkles.

Image: Sprinkles

For me, Pride Month is about continuing my education about LGBTQ issues, renewing my support for charities and foundations associated with these causes, and being a vocal ally to my friends and family members that identify as gay, bisexual, and/or transgender. But as one prone to eating my feelings, I also like to honor Pride via a month-long feast of rainbow-colored baked goods. Fortunately, there are no shortage of ROYGBIV cake options in Houston to celebrate all things LGBTQ. Here’s an extensive but by no means comprehensive round-up:

Dessert Gallery Bakery & Cafe

The Unicorn cake, whose multi-colored sprinkles in my book count as a form of "rainbow," is a regular option on Dessert Gallery’s menu, but during June the bakery is also offering assorted rainbow cupcakes and petit fours. Frosting not your thing? Its PRIDE chocolate-dipped pretzel sticks and Oreos are equally loud and proud.  


Barnaby’s offers its towering rainbow layer cake by the slice year-round. Featuring a fluffier, less sweet icing than other versions around town, this never-garish, always good wedge can be comfortably consumed in one sitting without inducing food coma.


“Cuppy,” the bakery’s official Pride cupcake, features a birthday cake cupcake with a colorful interior core of spherical sprinkles that unleash in festive fashion when you bite into the treat. Sprinkles also vends a rainbow layer cake, which is not sold by the slice, so, oh darn, you have to take home the entire delectable 8-inch confection. These sweets also come with a side of philanthropy, because once again Sprinkles is donating a portion of the profits from the PRIDE items to The Trevor Project.

Three Brothers Bakery

A vibrant variety of rainbow baked goods will be on hand throughout June at Three Brothers Bakery, including a seven-strata rainbow cake.  For every rainbow cake purchased, Three Brothers will be donating $1 to AIDS Foundation Houston, and for every rainbow cake slice, it will donate $.50.  

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