Fried Dough

An Ode to Christy's Donuts

Reliable and delicious, the donuts, kolaches, and pastries hit all the right spots.

By Joanna O'Leary June 17, 2019

Hard to pick just one, right?

The more things change in Houston, the more I like that some things stubbornly refuse to change. Christy’s Donuts at the corner of West Gray and Montrose is a no-frills, old-school donut shop that gives zero f*cks about Instagram and unicorns. For decades the shop has offered a solid lineup of kolaches, croissant sandwiches, donuts, and assorted breakfast pastries—diverse in options but rarely daring in flavor. Looking for kolaches stuffed with lamb and fennel or bourbon vanilla cream donuts? Set your sights elsewhere, my friend.

But there are so many things to love about Christy’s.

Although the donuts are quality, those stuffed with lemon curd are well-executed, as well as the glazed sour cream and cinnamon crumb varieties. If I get there early enough to snag a bear claw, I always buy at least two because of larcenous housemates (by "housemates" I mean my two carb-loving cats).

I have never been a kolache gal, but Christy’s boudain kolache is a delicious meta marvel: short grain seasoned rice stuffed inside a sausage, stuffed inside a supple pillow pocket of dough. I also appreciate the individual wax paper packaging of the kolaches. What’s more charming than unwrapping a warm-to-the-touch breakfast present? Equally cute are Christy’s to-go bags for donuts emblazoned with a rosy pink donut illustration and matching tagline, “Made Fresh Daily.” I hope so, Christy’s, but if not, you fooled me.

Let it also be known that no matter how many (or few) donuts you purchase from Christy’s, lagniappe donut holes will also find their way into your bag. Let it also also be known that, in my experience, those gratis goodies have never lasted longer than the car ride home.

Finally, I love that "cappucino (sic)" has been misspelled on the menu probably as long as Christy’s has been open and that it has never corrected it despite the hundreds of customers that have pointed out the error. (Myself not included, thank you.)

Christy’s Donuts is a compelling case for delicious consistency and adherence to tradition. Even and perhaps especially when it comes to baked and fried dough.

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