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Where You Can (and Should) Try Oat Milk

The dairy substitute trend has finally made its way to Houston.

By Siena DeBolt June 7, 2019

Oat milk's roots go back to Oatly, according to the Swedish brand.

Image: Siena DeBolt

As the almond milk of yesteryear has proved, milk can be a trend. With that, welcome oat milk, which first hit New York City last year and has now caught up to Houston.

Oat milk is much different than its milk alternative siblings, as unlike almond and coconut milk, it has a natural sweetness similar to soy milk. And, unlike the cringeworthy idea of pea milk (popularized by Ripple), at least for this writer, it’s easy to digest.

While I haven’t tried every brand that’s capitalizing on this trend, I’ve enjoyed Oatly, a Swedish brand that claims to be the inventors of this milk substitute. I’ve tried it in my coffee, my cereal, and by itself, and it holds up in every situation.

It’s sweet but not saccharine, so you won’t have to swap your Lucky Charms for Kashi to feel better about using it. Plus, if you’re someone who doesn’t want sugar in her coffee like me, it’s perfect, meaning you won’t want to toss your cup out.

For lattes in particular, it’s faultless. The slight taste of sweet oats balances with the sharp-hitting flavor of espresso, leaving a beautiful coexistence in one 12-oz. cup.

Ready to get your oat milk game on? Here’s a brief and partial list of where to find it in Houston:

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