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Indigo Chef Reveals Plans for New Restaurant

Jonny and Chana Rhodes are diving further into soul food in 2020.

By Timothy Malcolm July 11, 2019

Jonny Rhodes of Indigo.

Perhaps no Houston restaurant has garnered as much national praise over the last year as Indigo. The tasting-menu restaurant from Jonny and Chana Rhodes that doubles as a conversation about agricultural oppression and the survival of historically oppressed ethnic and cultural groups has been named on just about every nationwide Best New Restaurant list worth its salt in the last few months. The latest plaudit comes from Eater, which named Indigo one of its top newbies.

But the Rhodeses aren't resting on their laurels. According to Jonny Rhodes, a concept separate from Indigo is being planned for a 2020 opening. He already owns the space just 13 minutes from his current restaurant, and he told Houstonia that he's looking to host a tasting menu of classic soul food (but with some twists) at this concept.

To prepare but also reacquaint diners with his brand of soul food (utilizing live fire and preservation above all), Rhodes will be bringing back some of his classic early dishes a little later in 2019. Look for dishes like "Descendants of Igbo"—smoked yam paired with crunchy oatmeal crumble and a fluffy, campfire-charred marshmallow—and "Ten Toes Down"—perhaps Rhodes's quintessential dish of preserved and smoked turnip and collard greens in slabber sauce, a thick, peppery stock that slaves used on ships and plantations. 

He'll also serve up some new dishes featuring oxtails and ribs, and there's even a macaroni and cheese item planned ("very different ... but a fun one," says Rhodes).

Keep an eye out, as we're always waiting to see what Rhodes does next. Until then, there's still plenty of innovation and education to be found at Indigo.

"We're working a day at a time to allow Indigo space for what it needs," says Rhodes.

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