When We’re Dough opened earlier this year, it received a lot of positive media attention

Two visits later, I think I understand why. Sort of.

There’s the cute name, the polished interior design—including a highly Instagrammable “How You Doughin’” electric sign—and the attentive, knowledgeable employees. 

But then there's the food, which though generally noteworthy, can in some cases be categorized as a solid miss rather than a hit. Take, for example, the manoush, a thin spongy flatbread that I tried topped with zaatar and akkawi, a type of cheese similar in texture to mozzarella but with bolder, earthier notes. The side of peppery Levantine spice mix excited my taste buds far more than the manoush itself, whose delicate carbohydrate base grew broke down under the weight of the slightly gummy, heavy blanket of cheese. The pistachio rice pudding was a letdown, too, made with undercooked corn kernels.

On another occasion I sampled the shakshouka, which arrived lukewarm, dry, and devoid of seasoning. Although it was major morning menu item fail, We’re Dough partially redeemed itself with my second breakfast dish, a kaak (I chose the “fluffier” option), whose nutty exterior coating of sesame seeds contrasted wonderfully with an interior stuffing of tangy Laughing Cow cheese.

We’re Dough’s selection of breakfast and baked goodies can be well executed but aren't outstanding, and in no way establishes the restaurant as the pre-eminent Lebanese bakery in town (that honor goes to Abdallah’s). It will take more consistency and not just a flashy pun in lights if We're Dough wants to remain a contender.

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