Be Your Own Bartender? It's Coming to Houston

A new bar concept gives customers a chance to pour their own booze.

By Timothy Malcolm September 25, 2019

Dax McNear, Kevin Floyd, and Jonas Herd.

Image: Amy Scott

There's an emerging trend of bars that give customers the job of pouring their own beer and other alcoholic beverages. These self-serve tap systems have been popping up more and more across the country, though as of today, Houston doesn't have one.

But Houston is about to have one. Shoot the Moon, a concept from STM Hospitality LLC (Kevin Floyd, formerly of Underbelly Hospitality; current corporate executive chef Dax McAnear, and Cecil's Pub owner Jonas Herd), will drop into 66,000 square feet in Spring Branch by mid-2020, per an announcement Tuesday. 

Shoot the Moon will feature a large tap wall designed in partnership with Pour My Beer, which develops self-serve tap systems, and Enomatic, which develops wine- and liquor-serving systems. The wall will dispense beer, wine, liquor, and cocktails, and customers will pay only for what they pour (STM Hospitality says the wall will have "safeguards to manage alcohol consumption"). This means that customers can create their own highly curated drinking experience. That also means there's no bartender to help steer guests making decisions on what to drink.

But the folks behind STM Hospitality think Shoot the Moon is perfect for people who can't linger for too long and wait for a server or bartender to guide them along.

“Shoot the Moon is designed for those who have come to prefer craft beverages and a chef-driven menu, yet due to schedules and family dynamics, they often can’t invest the time needed for a full-service experience," Floyd said in a release. "I want to create a fast-casual restaurant that serves the quality of food and drink they love.”

McAnear will lead the kitchen in developing a menu that includes small plates, pizzas, and healthful food. Braun Enterprises is redeveloping the property—called Spring Branch Village—that'll house Shoot the Moon, and Collaborative Projects will lead the build-out of the space.

And it won't be the only Shoot the Moon, per the announcement. More are being planned for the Houston area.

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