Cookie Crumbles

Other Goodies You Should Try at Tinys Milk & Cookies

As the sweet shop expands, let's remind people of the non-cookie amazingness it beholds.

By Joanna O'Leary September 9, 2019

Tiny Boxwoods has garnered a well-deserved reputation for consistently offering what are arguably the best chocolate chip cookies in Houston (close contender: Common Bond Café & Bakery).

The popularity of its chocolate chip cookies led the café to establish Tinys Milk and Cookies, a side shop in West University (and soon, according to an Eater report, River Oaks), which in addition to vending the freshly-baked cookies, sells its famous dough so that you can make your own on a whim. Like, for example, at 2 a.m. when you decide the best thing to round out that leftover lo mein you just devoured is definitely some cookies as half-baked as yourself. 

But don’t let the preceding paragraph fool you. This article is not a love letter to Tinys's cookies. Rather, I write to you today, dear reader, to apprise you of the merits of its many other terrific treats so that you might get unstuck out of your deep—albeit delicious—chocolate chip cookie rut. 

Matutinal offerings that are sure to make for a merry start to your day include some very respectable croissants and absolutely fabulous sugar buns. I also enjoy Tinys's delicious scones, such as the vanilla variety I sampled on my most recent visit that boasted a delightfully dense interior crumb with heavy bean flavor and an exterior studded with rock sugar. My favorite, however, is the “brookie,” a delightful marriage of a dense dark chocolate brownie and chocolate chip cookie. This edible portmanteau is served in portions roughly the size of bricks. Methinks I would like to build a house out of these brookies.

Because we live in Houston and because I am a broken record, I will remind you it will always be some degree of hot, and therefore always ice cream season. The milk of Tinys Milk & Cookies also is available in frozen cream manifestations in eight flavors “always made in house ... with love.” 

Unsurprisingly, one of the most popular flavors is the Milk & Cookies, laden with chunks of the shop’s signature chocolate chips, though frozen confection connoisseurs I trust also claim Tinys's strawberry ice cream is also par excellence. My order of choice is one scoop of mint chocolate chip and one scoop of Mellow Brick Road, chocolate hazelnut ice chock full of marshmallows and waffle cone bits coated in chocolate. 

So, yes, Tiny’s makes a mean cookie, but sometimes it's good to not just look to the cookie.

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