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Get This Throwback Breakfast at the Toasted Yolk

When you need an old-school breakfast meal, and we're talking meal ...

By Joanna O'Leary October 28, 2019

Just you look at that breakfast party.

If you break your morning fast at the Toasted Yolk, you may get egg on your face.

The menu includes a bevy of dishes featuring manifestations of the incredible edible egg that are so delicious, you (ahem, this writer) are liable to shed any semblance of propriety and dig in with such readiness that the yolk inevitably relocates around the corner of your mouth. Fortunately, the napkins are plentiful, the crowd is forgiving, and the portions plentiful, so despite any egg detritus lost to messy eating, you will still leave more than satisfied.

Such was the case when I visited The Toasted Yolk’s newest location in Alief to try one of its offerings whose old-school character I found irresistibly charming: the Pork Chop Breakfast. Plus, the promise of the opportunity to try its seasonal pumpkin spice streusel donuts really sealed the deal.

It’s bold and honestly refreshingly rebellious for a breakfast joint to vend a 2-by-2 pork chop and egg platter (that’s two eggs cooked to order with two chops). The five-ounce cuts were well-seasoned though a little too lean for my liking. But my twin sunny-side eggs, which arrived with delicious, oh-so-fragile orange yolks, provided the easy resolution to this issue. A gentle prodding from my fork let the richness spill forth and enliven the meat. 

Flanking these stellar main event proteins was a savory slab of hash brown casserole, a buttery biscuit, and a healthy afterthought in the form of a teeny-tiny cup of fruit.  

Again, since health was not on my mind that morning, I eschewed the cold fruit in favor of the warm pumpkin donuts, which, like the chops, came two to an order. The crown of toasted brown sugary bits was a lovely contrast to the supple spiced cake, and a side well of cream cheese glaze gave new meaning to the phrase “dunkin’ donuts.”

Kudos to the Toasted Yolk for its solid take on classic pork chop and eggs and for giving us another reason to love pumpkin spice season.

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