Remembering Big Floyd

Special Beer Glass Pays Tribute to George Floyd

Bloggers collaborated on this project, and the sales go to the Houstonian's family.

By Timothy Malcolm June 5, 2020

The glass, available via Beer Chronicle.

A COLLABORATION BETWEEN BEER BLOGGERS Ralph Palmer (Eye Fear No Beer), Odell Hamilton (BrewBrosHTX) and Anthony Gorrity (Beer Chronicle), along with artist Rontaye Butler, has resulted in a drinking glass that toasts to the memory of Houstonian George Floyd and gives back to his family. 

You can purchase this glass designed by Gorrity showing the faces of Floyd—who died while in police custody after an office knelt on his neck for nearly nine minutes—plus Ahmaud Arbery, Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, and Breonna Taylor. The glass is available for $30, and all proceeds go to the Floyd family's official GoFundMe.

Gorrity wrote a personal post at Beer Chronicle discussing whiteness and outlining ways to combat white supremacy and confront structural racism.

"We’re here for Houston, and we’re here for beer. We’ve made that abundantly clear. But what on earth are we doing if we don’t use our platform and our audience to speak out against the ingrained racism that we see in America?" Gorrity wrote.

"It’s not enough to not be racist. We need to be actively against racism," he continued. "We need to be open-minded when we’re presented with views that clash with our own, and we need to be more concerned with loving people than we are with being right."

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