Greg Perez, left, and Sharif Al-Amin, co-owners of Monkey's Tail.

The owners of popular Northside bar Monkey's Tail will be opening a new concept at the former Petrol Station space.

Last week, Sharif Al-Amin, Jessie Gonzales, and Greg Perez, partners of the newly formed hospitality group B.O.M. (Barrel of Monkeys), secured the lease at 985 Wakefield Dr in Garden Oaks/Oak Forest. It'll be the group's second concept after opening Monkey's Tail in July 2019.

While details about the new venture are scarce, Al-Amin says he hopes to open the bar sometime in the fall. "I get chills walking into that place," he says about the space that housed one of Houston's most revered beer bars.

He adds that the history of building—a gas station before it was a bar—along with the close-knit and family-friendly feel of the neighborhood, sold him and his partners on the space. "We're just happy to continue to tradition of having a great establishment in that neighborhood," says Al-Amin.

Perez will run the beverage program at the new bar while Al-Amin and chef Steven Ripley, director of operations at Monkey's Tail, will design the food menu.

Aesthetically the team is looking to maximize seating areas and possibly add more coverage to the large patio area. They also hope to "bring in more elements of Houston," says Al-Amin, something that has worked well for Monkey's Tail.

On June 18 we reported the closing of Petrol Station, which was known for its selection of harder-to-find craft brews, particularly during the early years of the recent craft beer renaissance.

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