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Need a Drink This Election Day? Here's a Booze Guide

Whether you want to pound some beers, chug some boxed wine, or ... celebrate?

By Timothy Malcolm November 2, 2020

How will you be marking election day on Tuesday? Will you watch the major news networks incessantly for updates, attempting to keep score on a homemade map? Will you hide in your blankets, shut your eyes, and hope that you wake up in a better version of whatever world we have today? Will you just drink through it?

If it's that last one, we got you. 

We asked some folks in town to recommend the stuff to get you through Tuesday. We got cheap stuff just to get you through it. We got a cocktail if you're feeling like you have to throw a party (of one or two). And we got champagne, just in case you want to pop a cork and—we've already said too much.

Cheap wine

Justin Vann, sommelier and co-owner of Public Services (and writer of the monthly Somm Talk column here), tells us natural wine importer Jenny & Francois sources a delicious boxed wine option called From the Tank. "It'll run you $30 a box," says Vann, "pricier than most boxes but cheaper than a handful of antidepressants." Find From the Tank at D&Q The Beer Station at 806 Richmond Ave.

For an even more inexpensive alternative, Vann says try the Portuguese vinho verde from Santola (it has the lobster on the label), which usually runs for less than $10 a bottle. It's at plenty of wine shops in town.

Finally, from Lauren Hunter Lee, wine director at Montrose Cheese and Wine, there's Delinquente Wine Co's "Hell Series" rosé, which comes in at $30. "Hell is an enormous funnel composed of nine layers," she starts. "Welcome to the tenth. Happy election night!"

Crushable beer

For Ralph Palmer, known better as beer blogger Eye Fear No Beer, picking up a growler of New Magnolia Kolsch is a solid move for Tuesday evening. "I really like to start things out slow," he says. "Something crisp, delicious, and sessionable. We all know it's going to be a long night full of emotion and face palming, so best to pace yourself."

If you need a big beer, though, Palmer recommends Saint Arnold's Pumpkinator, and especially the new variant that's aged in bourbon barrels with cocoa nibs from Tejas Chocolate in Tomball. He says it's "a delicious fall beer that will help warm your soul, and, if need be, put you right to sleep."

Fancy bottles

Hunter Lee is grabbing Bereche et Fils Brut Reserve Champagne Magnum. Yup, magnum. "We have both magnums and 750s, depending on how much we're celebrating," she says. But here's the deal: It runs for less than $70 a bottle. That's something to celebrate by itself.

Here's a cocktail

Vann recommends you keep it simple at home. "Not to sound like a broken record but whiskey highballs are a smart choice for the desperate chugging of alcohol one does on election night," says Vann. He adds there's always room for a good Negroni. While you can adjust your ratios (1-1-1 offers utopian balance), "I personally like mine boozier and sweeter," he says. His recipe:

  • 1.5 oz London dry gin
  • 1 oz sweet vermouth
  • 0.5 oz campari

Combine in a shaker with ice and stir, then strain into a rocks glass with ice (or a cold coupe glass without ice). Add orange zest to garnish. Finally, sip.

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