Beer News: Eureka Heights Unleashes a Hard Seltzer

Plus, oh what do you know: Saint Arnold has a new year-round double IPA.

By Timothy Malcolm March 5, 2021

Last time around I wrote about why we should be cool with our favorite breweries getting rid of our favorite beers. Basically it boils down to this: They will keep making great beer. So what happened? Saint Arnold has announced a new double IPA. More on that in the news below.

News & Events

Tickets will go on sale on March 12 and 13 for Ingenious's anniversary party, celebrating three years of business. The party on March 27 includes two sessions of limited seating (noon to 4 p.m. and 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.) with one free pour and a special event glass for all guests. Look for a special draft menu with limited releases, plus food and merchandise. Age 21 and older only. Tickets start at $40 for a two-person barrel table.

B-52 is hosting its Barrel Fest on April 3, and tickets are on sale now for that event. Go to get the opportunity to taste some of B-52's rare barrel-aged beers, like Smoked Ancho Chile Stargazer Stout and Brandy for Breakfast. B-52 suggests to not bring kids. Tickets start at $15, which includes a tasting glass (drinks are extra). The brewery says that Covid-19 restrictions will be in place, though it's a mostly outdoor event. Learn more and get tickets here.

Beer Releases

Eureka Heights has entered the hard seltzer group chat. Fizzy Pants is a 100-calorie hard seltzer with flavors that include grapefruit, watermelon, strawberry, and peach. It'll be available starting Monday in 12-packs.

Saint Arnold has new year-round double IPA. It's called Double Down Double IPA, and it's a mighty 9.2-percent ABV. Get it starting March 8 wherever you get your beer. (P.S.: What did I tell you about double IPAs an Saint Arnold?)

Equal Parts brings us Vulpecula, a New England-style IPA with Cascade, Citra, and Eukanot hops and coming in at 7.5-percent ABV. It's now available through Equal Parts's online store and via its walk-up window in the East End.

Get White Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Imperial Cream Ale now at Saloon Door Brewing. It's a new beer that honestly says it all.

Great Heights has a new New England double IPA, In-House #11, available at the taproom. It's an 8-percent ABV ale that's double dry-hopped with varieties from both the Southern Hemisphere (New Zealand, maybe?) and the Pacific Northwest. 

Last week 8th Wonder dropped XLR-8, a wheat beer that's dry-hopped with Strata. Get it now at the brewery's WonderWorld.

Spindletap has a big release today. Out comes Pineapple Gusher (6.5-percent ABV Hop Gusher IPA variant), plus Fresh Buds (7-percent ABV IPA), Switch Foot (9-percent ABV West Coast double IPA), and Too Green (8.5-percent ABV double IPA). Get it now at the taproom ... they'll probably go quickly.

The newest at Platypus is Heff Off Mate, a hefeweizen at 5.1-percent ABV. It's available now in the taproom.

Over at Urban South HTX, get Gooey—an imperial stout made with marshmallows—and Flux—an imperial stout made with vanilla. These wintry beers are available now at the Sawyer Yards brewery and taproom.

Speaking of Urban South, they teamed up with Texas Leaguer on new beers called Southpaw (a sour IPA conditioned with boysenberry, blackberry, raspberry, blueberry, and black currant) and Crushed Velvet IPA (a milkshake IPA with Citra and Motueka). Both are available at Urban South.

Here's another collaboration: New Magnolia and True Anomaly teamed up for First Bloom, a saison that's a bit tart and hopped with Fuggles (from the United Kingdom). Go check it out at New Magnolia in the Heights.

Local Group has unveiled its version of Black Is Beautiful, a global collaboration that started at Weathered Souls in San Antonio and raises awareness of injustice against the BIPOC community. This one is an 8.5-percent ABV, and it's a milk stout, and it's available now at the brewery and taproom.

Over the next two weeks, look for Back Pew's Muddy Thames, an English dark mild beer at 5.3-percent ABV. 

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