New at Georgia James: A Rooftop Bar and Fresh Menu Items

The Underbelly Hospitality outpost’s new rooftop offers a stunning view of Houston’s skyline.

By Shelby Stewart September 15, 2022

Georgia James has a new rooftop lounge. 

There’s a lot for meat eaters to love about Houston. With the city’s carnivore-centric offerings including everything from the luxurious steakhouses of River Oaks to the premier chophouses of Downtown, there are abundant (and often polarizing) opinions on where you can get the best sirloin in H-Town. There have been a few surprising shakeups of late as restaurants have updated their menus and brought in new chefs, yet we were still a little caught off guard (pleasantly, of course) when Georgia James announced that some new additions were coming to their menu.

The meaty announcement is happening on the heels of the highly publicized exit of Chef Chris Shepherd from Underbelly Hospitality, which shook the Houston restaurant scene in July. But there’s more news still: the restaurant group’s flagship steakhouse, Georgia James is getting some really cool upgrades. Houstonia reported back in June that the restaurant got some cool new digs in the mixed-use development Regent Square, and now the restaurant is boosting its offerings with new menu items—and a totally epic rooftop space.

The swanky West Dallas Street restaurant’s brick-and-mortar now includes a second-floor lounge with an 11,000-square-foot rooftop patio, offering an intimate setting with awe-inspiring views of Downtown. The rooftop comes alive at night, illuminated by barrio lighting around the perimeter of the upstairs patio, several televisions located near the bar, and two outdoor fire pits. Headed by Executive Chef Greg Peters, the rooftop offers a casual but elevated vibe, a perfect respite for the breezy fall nights that await us this season. 

“The reopening of Georgia James has been so well-received by the Houston community, and we are excited to continue the momentum with the opening of our rooftop lounge,” Raul Lorenzana, general manager of Georgia James says in a release.

Shrimp and grits at Georgia James.

Image: Michael Anthony 

The foundation of the Georgia James experience remains the same—its menu is still centered around the restaurant’s signature cast-iron seared steaks. Choices include a 44 Farms New York strip served with whipped potato and a mushroom demi-glaze, shrimp and grits, and a Japanese A5 Wagyu steak. Also, look forward to an expanded selection of small plates and raw bar items for starters—think marinated olives, honey roasted cashews, house prosciutto and cheese, and pork rillette, plus East Coast and Gulf Coast oysters, lump crab, and a smoked redfish dip. 

Upstairs, you can expect the same great selections of wine, beer, and specialty cocktails that are available downstairs, including cocktail favorites like the Loose Cannon, Pear N’ Tonic, and the Marigold. 

Our recommendations? If you want to start small, any one of the small plates and snacks is a great place to start—price points range from $12–$30. If you’re thinking bigger (like this writer was) the 44 Farms strip and the shrimp and grits will hit the spot. If you’re eyeing the Japanese Wagyu, be prepared to spend $120. (But hey, Wagyu’s worth it.) 

“Creating memorable experiences for our guests is at the heart of what we do, and we believe that the rooftop and its outstanding views of the downtown Houston skyline will only elevate their experience at Georgia James,” Lorenzana continued. 

At Georgia James, you’re paying for that luxurious experience, but specifically on the rooftop, it will be cool, romantic, and ambient—a thoroughly modern aesthetic completed by fine dining fare by way of one of Houston’s most acclaimed hospitality groups. I recommend the rooftop lounge for a quick bite before taking on the streets of Downtown or swinging by on a weeknight for a really good meal. 

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