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Yoga Is for Everyone Thanks to Adriene Mishler

The Austin yogi's free online classes are ultra-inclusive, offering a host of modifications—and health benefits.

By Rebekah Kibodeaux May 4, 2018


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“Hello, old friend,” I say as I roll out my yoga mat on the only sliver of bedroom floor it would fit. It’s been several months since I’ve used the mat, so I spritz it with a bit of lavender mist to counteract the musty smell acquired from lingering too long in my box of yoga accessories. Plagued by carpal tunnel aches and a tight lower back, I rev up the computer and prepare to find what feels good with Adriene Mishler.

Yoga with Adriene, Mishler’s popular online yoga practice, is a brilliantly inclusive option for any and every person looking to embark on a journey into, or a return to, the world of yoga. Whether you’re in a gym and feeling fit, or finding just enough floor space in your apartment and feeling a little out of whack like myself, there’s a free yoga video from Mishler to suit your needs.

Adriene Mishler hails from Austin, where she films her weekly yoga videos with a Texas flare. She also co-founded Find What Feels Good, a paid video subscription website offering even more yoga yumminess and 30-day camp collections.

What makes Mishler's practice so inclusive is her focus on moving the body in a way that doesn’t strain or abuse it. In just about every episode, you’ll find Mishler looking toward the camera and checking in on her virtual community, giving them options to adjust a pose or a movement if what she’s presenting on screen doesn’t quite work for their bodies. Yoga beginners feel comfortable under Mishler’s guidance thanks to her mindfulness regarding the diversity of those who participate in her community. On the Yoga with Adriene YouTube channel, Mishler has addressed countless possible restrictions someone might have regarding the movement of their body. There's yoga for sciatica, for cramps and PMS, and for scoliosismultiple chair yoga options even make a mat optional.


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As if the physical benefits of yoga weren’t enough, the Yoga with Adriene channel also concentrates on mental health and anxiety management. Videos guide viewers through Meditation for Anxiety, a five-minute sequence for a Quick Stress Fix, and–one of my personal favorites–the Let it Go Yoga Flow.

Keep an eye on Mishler's live event schedule for her hopeful return to Houston (she’s taught at the ballroom at Warehouse Live once or twice), but until then enjoy all that her online practice has to offer as you find what feels good for you.

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