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Have You Seen These Pink Bikes Around the City?

Houston BCycle and Susan G. Komen Houston have teamed up for "Pedal for the Cure," which runs through April.

By Najla Brown October 26, 2018

No, your eyes aren't deceiving you: Some of the iconic red Houston BCycle bikes have indeed turned pink. In partnership with the local bike share, two hot pink Komen-branded bicycles are now part of  the city's rentable fleet of 475 for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The joint campaign, called "Pedal for the Cure," is meant to raise funds and awareness but also to promote an active lifestyle—a preventative health measure in and of itself, and one of the proven ways to reduce breast cancer risk in the first place.

You can find the two pink bikes at any location you'd typically rent a BCycle—there are 72 stations city-wide—and, if you're lucky enough to nab one, you should do three things: first, buy a lottery ticket; secondly, rent it; and finally, take a selfie. The latter is important if you're interested in a free BCycle membership—post the photo on any social media platform with the hashtag #PedalForTheCure and you'll be entered to win one; plus, you'll rake in the likes.

If your luck is trash, you can still support the campaign with a minimum donation of $20 to Komen Houston to help fund screening, treatment, and support for local breast cancer patients. Karma is nearly instantaneous here, and once you make the minimum donation, you'll find a free monthly membership to BCycle in your inbox that grants you access to unlimited hour-long rides to and from all 72 stations in Houston’s network. The free membership is only valid for one person, though, so be sure to tell your friends and start your own breast cancer awareness bike gang. The temperature is ripe for getting active outside, and your health will thank you in the long run.

Even though October is ending, the fight to cure breast cancer continues, so this campaign does, too. “Pedal for the Cure” runs through April 2019, so get out there and ride—women in Houston will be the better for it. And remember, on Wednesdays, we ride pink. (Oh come on, did you think we were going to let that opportunity pass? This is Mean Girls Month, too, you know.)

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