Have Fun, Feel Great

10 Fitness Classes For Every Mood

So you’ve decided to start working out. Here’s where to go when you feel a certain way.

By Abby Ledoux December 31, 2018 Published in the January 2019 issue of Houstonia Magazine

Aerial Director  Abby Flowers shows how it's done at Hunter Dance Center.

Image: Todd Spoth

The Mood: Joining Cirque du Soleil
The Place: The Hunter Dance Center, the Heights
The Drop-In Cost: $20

Take an aerial-conditioning class and find out what it feels like to fly. But be warned: This is more than just hanging out. The silks are a full-body workout. Climbing, twisting, and turning on a suspended piece of fabric is harder than it looks but, once mastered, seriously impressive.

The Mood: Getting Down and Dirty
The Place: Goat Yoga Texas, Cypress
The Drop-In Cost: $29

A gentle, beginner-friendly practice led by instructor Kimberly Brooke is drastically improved by miniature goats at this barnyard yoga class outside Murdoch’s Backyard Pub, held Saturdays and Sundays. Expect one to plop down on your mat, curl up at your feet, or even traipse across your back while you’re in tabletop pose.

Image: Todd Spoth

The Mood: Getting Down and Dirrty
The Place: Verticality Pole Fitness, River Oaks
The Drop-In Cost: $25-35

Channel your inner Xtina with all levels of pole dance and floor work, plus something called chair erotica, which promises a sizzling workout. Unconvinced a chair-based dance routine is really exercise? Look no further than the abs of any ’00s pop star who employed this music-video essential.

The Mood: A Workout That's Also a Pregame
The Place: CycleBar, Sawyer Heights
The Drop-In Cost: $24

Any class in this club-like cycling studio (think flashing lights, bumping bass) is a party on a bike, but Friday-night Happy Hour sessions take it to the next level with the ultimate motivation to finish strong: Post-spin, the class moves to Holler Brewing Company next door for official weekend commencement.

The Mood: Sweating Out Your Hangover
The Place: Yogaworks, 7 Houston locations
The Drop-In Cost: $20 

So you had a few too many on Friday night. The Hot 60—an hour-long hatha yoga class in a 100-degree room, designed with detoxification and cleansing in mind—is here to help. Heat increases flexibility, allowing you to deepen your poses while sweating out last night’s poor decisions.

Image: Todd Spoth

The Mood: Reliving Your Childhood
The Place: DEFINE Body & Mind, 6 Houston locations
The Drop In Cost: $24

The high-energy bounce class might feel more like recess than a workout, and that’s a good thing. Picture 45 minutes of fat-burning, low-impact interval training on a mini trampoline, and you’ve got a good idea of this cardio-heavy sweat sesh.

Lou Savarese pummels the bag at his new gym.

Image: Daniel Ortiz

The Mood: Channeling Your Aggression
The Place: Savarese Fight Fit, West U
The Drop-In Cost: $20+ 

Maybe you had a hard day at work, or you just saw your ex’s wedding photos on Facebook—you’re going to want to hit something, so why not let your bod reap the benefits? A circuit-training session with gym owner and former heavyweight boxing champ Lou Savarese will have you pummeling the bag and perfecting your upper-cut in no time.

The Mood: Turning It Up
The Place: MixFitz Studios, Northside
The Drop-In Cost: $10

This is Zumba on steroids, a heart-pumping dance class injected with a full syringe of swag, where working out is a reward, not a punishment. Cardio is the name of the game thanks to group choreography that mixes club bangers, “twerk fitness,” Latin flair, and Houston hip-hop—what else would you expect from owner and instructor Crystal Wall, wife of “Grillz” rapper Paul?

The Mood: Busting a Move
The Place: Dance House Fitness, Montrose and the Heights
The Drop-In Cost: $20

Dance House “werkout” classes are essentially one big house party—if that house party also promised a “firm ass, tight abs, and lean, toned muscles.” You’ll torch calories keeping up with the instructor’s choreographed dance sequences set to booty-shaking beats by everyone from Outkast to Britney Spears to—duh—Beyoncé.

The Mood: Burning Off a Cheeseburger (or Two)
The Place: SWEAT 1000, the Heights
The Drop-In Cost: $30 

It’s all in the name at this South Africa–based interval-training concept: You’ll walk—no, crawl—out of an hour-long, full-body session on the mat and the treadmill approximately 1,000 calories lighter and, though SWEAT is an acronym for Specialized Weight Endurance Athletic Training, accordingly drenched.

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