Baby, (you are well aware that) it's cold outside

Tips On Staying Warm Through the Rest of This Winter Mess

Suggestions on how to stay warm in Houston until we all get our power back.

By Raven Wuebker February 17, 2021

With the mix of wintery weather and power outages, it’s important to stay warm while waiting for Houston to return to sunny and 75. Until then, here are some tips to stay warm in this unusual Houston cold. 

Dress in layers and get synthetic.

Cotton is great in normal times, but these are not those times and cotton breathes. Instead of going for natural options entirely, as you are putting on your layers throw in some synthetics that will help keep your body heat where it's most useful. From there, it's time to bring back out the sweats (if they were ever put up to being with). Add some leggings or a few pairs of long socks underneath your favorite pair of sweats, along with a long sleeve and a pullover will help trap heat close to your body and keep your core temperature warmer. 

Stay active.

Moving around is the easiest way to raise your body temperature. And if you have little kids and are able to play music, have a fun dance party. It keeps both you and your kiddos warm while busting a move and providing some entertainment in the meantime. 

Seal up doors and windows.

Doors and windows are the main source of letting the cold in. So to help keep it at bay, shut the blinds on windows. In addition, place towels on the bottom of the window frame and doors. This helps keep the heat that's in the room entrapped and doesn’t allow cold air to flow in. 

Stick to one room.

Close off other rooms in your house to prevent less air flow throughout the house. If you have a living room, get the family together and make camp out for the next few nights. This will create more heat in one room as well as provides a little more bonding time while staying warm. 


Although cuddling makes you feel all warm and fuzzy, it actually does have warming benefits. Body heat is transferred, especially under a blanket. So if possible throw on a movie or get a good book, and cuddle with your partner or pet (we don’t judge).

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