Video: Home Security Booming in Houston, Despite Drop in Violent Crime

Crime in Houston is declining. So why are home security firms doing gangbusters?

By Peter Holley April 14, 2014 Published in the April 2014 issue of Houstonia Magazine

For several years Houston has been in the throes of a frenzy of domicile defense, with many homeowners throughout the region spending five figures or more to turn their suburban abodes into veritable fortresses. For companies that sell panic rooms, freeze-dried food, weapons, secret passageways, safes, spy equipment, and booby traps, business is booming, even though crime is in decline in Houston and across the country. 

For our April feature story we went behind the scenes to bring you a glimpse of the home defense industry and the people involved in it. And as part of Houstonia's ongoing collaboration with CW39, we proudly present this NewsFix segment inspired by our April feature.


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