Riding the Rail

The Offbeat Path: What to Do Off METRO’s New Green Line

Quirky restaurants, bars, galleries, and cultural spaces abound.

By Katharine Shilcutt March 30, 2015 Published in the April 2015 issue of Houstonia Magazine

Voodoo Queen serves frozen drinks so strong, you’ll be glad you took the light rail.

Though much of the area surrounding the Green Line is residential, quirky restaurants, bars, galleries, and cultural spaces abound just a few blocks away from the Coffee Plant/Second Ward stop. Explore for yourself when it opens May 23.

Black Barbie

8 blocks away • Black Barbie is an event space that’s home to everything from yoga classes by day to punk and noise shows by night, hosting bands such as Talk Sick Brats and Dress Code.

Champ Burger

3 blocks away • The classic roadside burger stand offers breakfast tacos in the morning and its famous “Texas-sized steak sandwich” at lunch, though we prefer the Champ cheeseburger with jalapeños.

D&W Lounge

8 blocks away • The city’s seminal dive bar, D&W is open early in the morning to accommodate third-shift workers clocking out at the nearby coffee plant, and serving longneck beers—and only beers—late into the night.

Houston Makerspace

4 blocks away • Ever wanted to learn welding? Calligraphy? Bicycle modification? This is the place. Already know how? Its woodworking shop, ceramic studio, metal shop, and other spaces are available for daily rental.

Moon Tower Inn

9 blocks away • An open-air joint with dozens of craft beers on draft and in-house brews, Moon Tower Inn boasts a tempting array of hot dogs and hamburgers such as the Grim Creeper, the “world’s hottest cheeseburger.”

Super Happy Fun Land

10 blocks away • A longtime venue for those acts too unusual to book anywhere else, Super Happy Fun Land is the self-proclaimed home of “experimental electronic music, underground jazz, and outsider art.”

Voodoo Queen

4 blocks away • Voodoo Queen is a New Orleans–inspired dive bar with food that’s better than it has to be and startlingly strong frozen drinks that’ll make you glad you’re not driving.


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