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Still skeptical of astrological clairvoyance? These recent incidents tell us that the stars have much to offer.

By Houstonia Staff May 31, 2015 Published in the June 2015 issue of Houstonia Magazine

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Image: Paul Naughton

Can it really have been a year since The Drawl highlighted the unrelenting, jaw-dropping clairvoyance of syndicated mystic Jacqueline Bigar? Ah, well, never fear. The intervening 12 months have only further confirmed her astrological acumen, making her a standout among the Chron Star section’s copious syndicated content. To be sure, there is much to learn on these pages (when to ruff a spade or lead a trump to the dummy, when Omar Sharif’s birthday is) but nothing of Bigar import than the horoscope. Skeptical? Have a look-see at the following recent incidents in the following folks’ lives, and then tell us that the stars don’t have much to teach.

Theresa Roemer

Sign: Libra, born September 27, 1961 
August 1, 2014: Just days after Roemer gave a tour of her now-infamous 3,000-square-foot closet to millions of viewers of ABC’s Good Morning America, thieves break into her home, stealing thousands of dollars’ worth of handbags and jewelry of both real and dubious value.   
What the stars foretold: “Recognize that, in many ways, the problems you experience mostly are created by you.” 

Sheila Jackson Lee

Sign: Capricorn, born January 12, 1950
October 5, 2014: Washingtonian magazine names the Houston politician the meanest Democratic member of Congress—for the second time. 
Horoscope: “Lighten up.”

Alexander Muse 

Sign: Scorpio, born November 3, 1972
April 9, 2015: The mercurial entrepreneur closes a deal giving him complete and full ownership of local infotainment site CultureMap, LLC. 
What the stars foretold: “Be aware of the financial implications of a new idea or business venture; otherwise, you could encounter a problem with your budget.”

Robert Durst 

Sign: Aries, born April 12, 1943
March 15, 2015: The final episode of the HBO series The Jinx, a documentary about Durst’s life, airs, one in which Durst confesses to murdering his wife, neighbor and best friend.
Horoscope: “You will want to lie low.”

The Astrodome 

Sign: Aries, born April 9, 1965 
April 9, 2015: Amid multiple proposals regarding its future, thousands celebrate the stadium’s 50th anniversary.
Horoscope: “You have so many ideas, and now you have an audience to share them with.” 

Andrés Orozco-Estrada

Sign: Sagittarius, born December 14, 1977
October 25, 2012: The Colombian-born conductor guest-conducts his first public performance with the Houston Symphony. A few years later, he would be named its conductor.
Horoscope: “Trust that you will make a good decision that advances your interests.”  

Ted Cruz

Sign: Capricorn, born December 22, 1970
March 16, 2015: A week before announcing his presidential candidacy, the Texas senator tells a late-night talk show host that “the science doesn’t back” global warming.
Horoscope: “Research first.” 


Sign: Scorpio, born October 24, 1986
April 12, 2015: Days before announcing a May concert in Houston, the rapper is ambushed during a Coachella concert by 56-year-old Madonna, who proceeds to plant an open-mouth kiss on him.
Horoscope: “Stay close to home if possible.”

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