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The 10 Worst Places to Play Pokémon Go in Houston

Or: how not to get mugged or hit by a car while catching them all.

By Miranda Proctor July 18, 2016

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This should go without saying...

Last week, we let you in on a few secrets—namely, the 10 best places to find Pokémon in Houston. This week, however, we have a few more guidelines for playing what has become the world's most popular game. Guidelines like: don't walk in front of a moving car while you're hunting for a Jigglypuff. We didn't think anyone would have to put it quite so bluntly, but there you have it.

Below, the 10 worst places for playing Pokémon Go in Houston:

1. Places of Historical Significance

In case you haven’t already heard, a player found a Koffing in the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum and decided to share that information with the world. Naturally, the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum requested that players stop playing Pokémon Go in the museum and to respect the meaning behind the visit. You can catch Pokémon virtually anywhere else, so there is no reason to disrespect our nation’s memorials and tributes.

2. Strip Clubs

At this point, if Pokémon are more entertaining than what you’re paying for, than you shouldn’t be here in the first place.

Trespassing xbwitx

No trespassing means no trespassing.

3. Random Lures, Especially at Night

If you see a lure set up in the middle of nowhere, it’s not the same as hearing the ice cream truck in the distance; this is not a sign of faraway goodies to come. Recently, there have been dozens of cases in which criminals set up lures to attract unsuspecting trainers so they can mug them. Be wary of where you stop and try to stick close to populated areas. If you do swing by, make sure you stay in your car with the doors locked.

4. Places that Require You to Trespass

We know you’re willing to do whatever it takes to be the very best, but trying to jump a fence to get to an Electabuzz is just going to end up with you getting zapped by an electric fence instead. Also, I don’t think there are Pokémon in jail…

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5. While Driving

Everyone knows not to text and drive, but what about playing Pokémon Go? Although it’s tempting, Go is a no. Get a buddy to ride with you and play for you while you blast the Pokémon theme song and make everyone driving around you jealous.

6. During Life’s Precious Moments

It’s true, one husband got a little distracted by catching Pokémon while his wife was in labor. We appreciate your hard-core dedication, but do you realize your wife was bringing life into this world at that very moment you were stuck in a virtual one? Priorities, bro.

Img 3482 xshw91

Seriously? Stop it.

7. Funerals

I would think it’s pretty obvious that this is a no-Pokémon Go zone, but there have been at least a half-dozen cases of people catching Pokémon on top of the casket itself. I mean…come on, let’s show some respect.

8. The Office

Better be careful with this one, because some companies have set a strict "no Pokémon Go" policy and are threatening to fire employees who are caught playing while they’re supposed to be working. Maybe your boss is a secret Pokémon Go fanatic, but unless they set up a Pokémon power hour themselves for the whole office, it might be best to hold out until your lunch break.

Walkingdog ojq6ta

Make sure you're watching your pets as closely as you're watching your screen.

9. While You’re with Your Kids or Pets

Kids get into enough trouble as it is and can dart out of sight in the blink of an eye. I can’t take my eyes off of my 8-year-old sister for a second or else who knows what butterfly she’ll be chasing next. That being said, if you’ve got a young one, take a break from your phone and enjoy some playtime with them. I know parks are hot-spots for both the kids and the Pokémon so if anything, ask your partner to keep an eye on them or bring a friend who can play for you. Dogs get distracted easily too, and if you aren’t holding tight to that leash because you’re distracted by Psyduck, things could go wrong fast. It's true—walking your dog is a great way to hatch eggs, but it doesn’t require you to stare at the screen the whole time. Just keep the app open on Battery Saver mode and let your hand swing by your side while you enjoy some time with man’s best friend.

10. Around Busy Streets

There’s a reason the the loading screen warns “Remember to be alert at all times. Stay Aware of your surroundings,” and has a picture of a guy too busy staring at his phone to realize Gyarados is about to swallow him up. One girl blames Pokémon Go for getting hit by a car after walking into oncoming traffic while trying to track a Pokémon across the freeway. Hey, I know it's addicting, but pay attention—or else you’ll end up losing your life faster than a 239 CP Jigglypuff battling a 1509 CP Flareon.

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