Help Houstonia Report on Hurricane Harvey

Tweet or Instagram photos of the storm using the hashtag #HarveyHmag for our hurricane coverage.

By Nicki Koetting August 24, 2017

Harvey jmf0mz

Whether a tropical storm or a hurricane, Harvey will be here soon, and signs point to Houston being in its path. While you're getting ready to hunker down for a few days of rain and wind—or, god forbid, Tropical Storm Allison–level flooding—we'd like to make a small request: Help us cover Harvey by taking photos of what you see during the storm.

Pictures of the empty store shelves at H-E-B, things that are underwater that shouldn't be underwater, fallen trees, and, we can only hope, slightly askew lawn chairs, are welcome, as well as anything else you notice.

Tweet or Instagram your pictures using the hashtag #HarveyHmag, and we might use them for our coverage of the storm. Also feel free to tweet at us at @HoustoniaMag, like this reader did. 

Above all, be safe, Houstonians! Stock up on water, food, batteries, alcohol, and other necessities, and don't drive or wade into floodwaters or walk outside when the wind is flinging debris everywhere—we appreciate your help, but no cool photo is worth the risk.

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