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What Y'all Thought of Harvey, the Movie

Is Harvey ready for the Hollywood treatment? We asked our readers for their opinions.

By Morgan Kinney March 28, 2018 Published in the April 2018 issue of Houstonia Magazine

Not more than five months after Hurricane Harvey unleashed historic flooding did Houston-based Street Corner Films announce Harvey, an upcoming disaster movie based on those waning days of our waterlogged summer. The first promotional poster took some artistic license, depicting the downtown skyline completely engulfed in floodwaters along with the Be Someone sign, a dairy cow, and a man jet-skiing to safety. (The production company has since released a more subdued version.) Curious what actual Houstonians thought of the project, we took to Instagram to ask our readers. Here’s a sampling of the responses:

tony_tone_85: “It will show how we all came together as one in Houston. Kinda soon, but I think it will be pretty cool. Make sure to get those who really helped in the movie. Keep H-Town strong.” 

_danirocks_: “This is pretty sickening. For those that are still recovering from the storm, this would be reintroducing the devastation. Terrible idea.”

Harvey movie lhlyqx

The revamped poster

missamaryica: “I have no problem with the making of a movie, but this poster makes it look tacky and insensitive.”

yolaaa24: “My family and I are living in a rental home until our house is rebuilt, so no, I won’t be watching something that took my home and cars away!”

antoniocalvin: “Excited? Put your glasses on and look at that poster again.”

tomandkristimarch: “Too soon, and what the literal hell? If you’re going to tell the story, then tell it—no need to float the ‘Be Someone’ overpass and add laughable mayhem to what is a perfectly powerful and dramatic story, if told factually. 

_evanlobo: “It better end with a World Series win.” 

j3sk4: “I’m ready.” 

Badhendy: “I’ve always said one of the best things about living in downtown Houston is the close proximity to beautiful cresting mountains.”

lanceswalker: “You were supposed to announce this on April 1.”

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