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Twitter Mourns for Beto O'Rourke, the Internet's Favorite Candidate

The El Paso congressman may have lost the election, but he'll always have the tweets.

By Morgan Kinney November 7, 2018

Ever since U.S. Rep. Beto O'Rourke roared into our lives on a skateboard, in the laundromat, and via Whataburger-adjacent branding, the internet meme-verse has enjoyed a torrid love affair with the former punk rocker turned Senate hopeful. So it's entirely natural that even after U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz narrowly defeated the El Paso congressman Tuesday night in his bid for reelection, O'Rourke's supporters turned to social media to express their grief. 

And when we say grief, we're not kidding—some folks seem to have taken the news harder than others.

Even Beyoncé—the teflon-coated Houston celebrity who can usually do no wrong—managed to catch some flak for her eleventh hour, Election Day endorsement.

Then the hashtag #Beto2020 started trending almost immediately after the race was called for Cruz—although not all were ready to move on so quickly.

And of course, then there was O'Rourke's impassioned concession speech, which got a little too...colorful for national television.

The congressman has yet to signal plans for future office—if any—but we'll be standing by waiting for it to hit our timelines.

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