Football season has arrived. We here at Houstonia are staunchly in the Texans’ camp, but we know quite a few of our readers’ loyalties lie elsewhere. Whether you’re a Newstonian looking to cheer your old team, or you just want to take every opportunity to root against the Cowboys, we’ve got the perfect bar for you. Aren’t we nice?

Green Bay Packers

  • The bar: BIGgles Lounge, Westchase
  • The group: Cheddarhead Pack of Houston
  • How Sunday feels: Like a holy day.
  • Three code words to drop: Cheesehead. Rodgers. Johnsonville.
  • What not to do: Mention Da Bears.
  • Fun stuff: Brats and blackberry brandy shots.
  • Join in: Reciting the "Wedge of Allegiance" while facing north.

Pittsburgh Steelers

  • The bar: Frank 'N' Steins, Sugar Land
  • The group: Hwy SixBurgh Steelers Nation
  • How Sunday feels: Like a win.
  • Three code words to drop: Yinz. Nebby. Roethlisberger.
  • What not to do: Wear a Cleveland Browns-style dog mask.
  • Fun stuff: Fans encouraged to cook potluck dishes.
  • Join in: Rapping "Black and Yellow" by Pittsburgher Wiz Khalifa.

Philadelphia Eagles

  • The bar: Ladybird's, Rice Military
  • The group: Houston Eagles Nest
  • How Sunday feels: Like a (tipsy) rollercoaster of emotions.
  • Three code words to drop: WaWa. Dawk. Jawn.
  • What not to do: Wear anything Cowboys-related.
  • Fun stuff: Regular merchandise raffles.
  • Join in: Singing "Fly Eagles Fly" and chanting "E-A-G-L-E-S ... Eagles!"

Buffalo Bills

  • The bar: Christian's Tailgate, Downtown
  • The group: Houston Bills Backers
  • How Sunday feels: Like fear and loathing. Mostly loathing.
  • Three code words to drop: Youse. Weck. Thurman.
  • What not to do: Mention the words "Scott" or "Norwood."
  • Fun stuff: Plenty of Goo Goo Dolls jams.
  • Join in: Singing "Shout," but with lyrics about the Bills.

Minnesota Vikings

  • The bar: King's Court Bar and Kitchen, EaDo
  • The group: Purple Haven Minnesota Vikings Fan Club
  • How Sunday feels: Like cautious optimism. Right?
  • Three code words to drop: Uff-da. Hotdish. Gjallarhorn.
  • What not to do: Mock the accent, gee, don't cha know?
  • Fun stuff: $3 purple hooter shots.
  • Join in: Singing fight song "Skol, Vikings."  

New England Patriots

  • The bar: Diablo Loco, Richmond
  • The group: Patriots Fans of Houston, TX
  • How Sunday feels: Like a predetermined outcome.
  • Three code words to drop: GOAT. Gronk. Pissah.
  • What not to do: Utter the word "cheater."
  • Fun stuff: Raffles with proceeds going to charity. 
  • Join in: Politely applauding yet another Patriots touchdown.  
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